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Friday, November 25, 2016

BOMBSHELL: Child Protective Services Exposed as a Huge Money Making Scam

Here is some devastating information that every american needs to here and take action on. While we are being playing with protests and gender rights, there is so much more corruption behind the curtain of corporate America.

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  1. Nails it! Calls us to unify against the real enemy! We the cash cow (the people)exploited to purposefully defraud our Federal Tax monies for the local infrastructure!
    The law actually
    a ‘conspiracy’ in the local community ( without accountability or balance of
    powers) to band together and defraud the government of “grant” monies. This
    law appears to be responsible for over 90% of family law nastiness and "buzz"
    words used. an "accusation" apart from its credibility is all that is needed
    to convert “We the People” into the ‘cash cow’ to support local government by
    defrauding the State and Federal government. It even creates a new class or
    minority and by design discriminates against them…the “offending family” while
    giving massive privilege to the “nonffending family” ( is that even a word?).
    After 11 years in court and studying the epidemic I do classify it as a
    ‘national security’ issue and it appears everyone in government already knows
    for they designed it.
    42 U.S. Code § 13001a
    (7)the term “multidisciplinary response to child abuse” means a response to
    child abuse that is based on mutually agreed upon procedures among the
    community agencies and professionals involved in the intervention, prevention,
    prosecution, and investigation systems that best meets the needs of child
    victims and their nonoffending family members;(8)the term “nonoffending family
    member” means a member of the family of a victim of child abuse other than a
    member who has been convicted or accused of committing an act of child abuse;
    and (Pub. L. 101–647, title II, § 212, as added Pub. L. 102–586, § 6(b)(2),
    Nov. 4, 1992, 106 Stat. 5029; amended Pub. L. 114–22, title I, § 104(1), May
    29, 2015, 129 Stat. 236.)
    42 U.S. Code § 13001b
    (a)Establishment of regional children’s advocacy program The Administrator, in
    coordination with the Director and with the Director of the Office of Victims
    of Crime, shall establish a children’s advocacy program to—(1)focus attention
    on child victims by assisting communities in developing child-focused,
    community-oriented, facility-based programs designed to improve the resources
    available to children and families;(2)provide support for nonoffending family
    members; (2)Grant recipients A grant recipient under this section
    shall—(A)assist communities—(i)in developing a comprehensive,
    multidisciplinary response to child abuse that is designed to meet the needs
    of child victims and their families; (iii)in preventing or reducing trauma to
    children caused by multiple contacts with community professionals; (iv)in
    providing families with needed services and assisting them in regaining
    maximum functioning;
    - "families" is always defined as "nonoffending" in the system and making the
    system ‘all powerful’ and parents and children in to lifetime ‘victims’ to be
    - system = “grant recipient”
    -“multidisciplinary response to child abuse” means a conspiracy by the local
    - “…accused of committing an act of child abuse” the means of causing billions
    of dollars in litigation for government sanctioned fraud that cannot be
    defended against.
    - “Grant” is an invite to defraud the government without oversight or
    accountability and a motivation to create "nonoffending families" & offending
    families, even where none exist so as to support the existing ‘Frankenstein’
    local system that grows without real purpose.
    - “that best meets the needs of child victims and their nonoffending family
    members” is the false guise to hide the debauchery and fraud behind, create
    discrimination and favor, removing the balance and blindfold from the
    judiciary, while giving them mafia like motivation and purpose to defraud both
    sides of the family for gain ill-gotten from the State and Feds without
    accountability… ultimate power corrupts ultimately reigns again.

    God help US!


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