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Wednesday, June 08, 2016

The horror of Child Protective Services

Americans are, unfortunately, tragically unaware of the extent to which Child Protective Services persecutes innocent families, and things won't change until people are made aware. Just how little people know about this was illustrated recently when Janet Parshall, host of In the Market on Moody Radio, covered the horrific story of Norwegian parents whose five children had been snatched from them by that nation's branch of CPS because the parents had been accused of exposing their children to "radical Christian indoctrination". It was refreshing in January to hear Parshall cover CPS’s horrific trampling of parents since this is such an underpublicized issue. However, when comparing Norway's CPS to America's, she she said, unlike Norway, CPS in America removes children from the home "only as a last resort". This, however, is profoundly wrong.

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