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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Who says there is no money in foster parenting?

So earlier today I came across the link to a new article on the Save Our Lexi site.  I know, big deal right?  It's just more whining by the foster care providers who are still trying to plead their case.

Then I scrolled down and came to a realization.

Here I thought that Rusty and Summer Page, the foster parents in the case of Lexi, the little 1.5% Choctaw girl who was returned to her family a few months back, were just a couple of over-reacting drama queen foster parents who didn't want to see the kid go home.  As it turns out, it was a brilliant scheme that proved to be highly profitable by pulling on the heartstrings of the suckers who bought into it, inspiring them to give their hard earned money to the Pages through a Go Fund Me Page.

To date, this little scheme has brought the former foster family $54,509 Dollars.

You remember, the look of horror on Summer's face as CPS took the girl back to her real family...

And you remember the tears on Rustys heartbroken face.

Now they're making a killing while trying to keep a kid away from her real family.

Oh the power of tears.  Oh the power of words.  Oh the power of large numbers of stupid fucking people.  And all I ever asked was that somebody drop $1 million dollars into my PayPal Account so that I could quit my job and just work on Legally Kidnapped all the time, but no!

"Now I'm in tears!"  because if all it takes is a little bit of pissing and whining then... "Waaaaaaaa!"


  1. Anonymous7:26 PM

    Yet if a birth family sows this emotion then they are branded as emotionally unstable and unable to provide care for the children.

  2. so very true lived it from almost every side just full of corruption

  3. I get this, fighting for my son, only to have the best interest attorney lie to the judge. The judge reversed his position and now my son is in foster care.


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