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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Reunification Month: Teaming Up For Families

For many parents in the unfortunate and heart-breaking position of having their child placed in the hands of the state, this Iowa mother captures the essence of what they need to have a meaningful opportunity to reunify with their baby: a team behind them. These parents come with complex challenges such as substance abuse, domestic violence, economic insecurity, mental health concerns, and trauma. They need help from multiple agencies to navigate their journey to health and successful parenting. If those issues are not acknowledged and treated, the chances for success are greatly reduced. Yet, for the most part, the parties responsible for the health and well-being of these families work in separate silos - often at odds with one another. Too often, they make decisions as though one size could fit all, rather than the unique and individual needs and concerns of families. Once decisions are made, the ability to right any potential wrongs becomes far more difficult and costly.

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