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Thursday, June 02, 2016

Harambe and the Parent Haters

As you've probably already figured out by now, the Media Circus of the Week is the story about the 4 year old who fell into the Gorilla Exhibit at the Cincinnati Zoo.  Everybody knows what happened.  Everybody knows the gorilla is dead the kid is fine and bla bla bla the parents.

All of the perfect people are weighing in.  You know, the ones who would never make an irresponsible mistake with their children.   The ones who would keep an eye on them every second of every day and not let that kid out of their sight because there's danger lurking around every corner and under every rock.  Thousands have signed online petitions to have the parents charged and investigated by Child Protective Services.  Some want the zoo held responsible for the death of an endangered species.

These are also the people who have yet to experience the pleasures of a social worker crawling up ones ass.  The ones who can't understand what it's like to have Child Protective Services come knocking or to have their children taken away.  The ones who are unable to see that it is actually more traumatic for the child to be ripped from the arms of his parents than to get a swat on the butt for doing something dangerous like trying to jump into gorilla cages, which kids will apparently do. They are emotion junkies who react to news stories that they see on TV.  The "OMG it's only a child! Hang those horrible parents!" because nobody should ever be entitled to screw up types that we all know and love.

This, my friends, is the perfect example of what the family rights people are up against.  It is the psycho social group think mentality of the normal people, ie. sheep.  Arrogant people who are quick to jump to conclusions, point fingers and jump on the self-righteous morality bandwagons.  It is actually normal to do this because it's what everybody else is doing.

I realize that every asshole has an opinion but my god, give this family a break.  Thank God that kid is alright.  It's sad that the gorilla is dead.  Zoo officials had to make a quick decision between the life of a CHILD and the life of the gorilla, and they chose to save the life of the child, so I guess they should go to jail for gorilla murder too right?  

It is absolutely ridiculous to me that the world would not be more supportive of a family who had gone through such a traumatic experience.  Instead the normal people want them charged and investigated by CPS and held responsible for the gorillas death.  Such irresponsible people should never be allowed to care for their own children.  And what the heck were they doing at the zoo with kids anyway?  
It is also ridiculous to me that the Cincinnati Zoo didn't child proof their gorilla cages.  Aren't places like this supposed to be family friendly?  Shouldn't they be safe for children?  God forbid anybody look at it from that angle.  Nope, it's the PARENTS FAULT!
It also amazes me that these perfect people don't realize just how fast a little kid can be either.  They seem to think that the parents should have known something like this would happen.  In reality however, you turn your head for one second and that kid is gone.  The parents should have expected him to do this and should have taken every preventative measure like strapping him in the stroller or putting him on a leash.  The normal people can't even imagine the horror racing through the hearts of the parents at that moment.  These people were probably shitting bricks thinking that their kid was going to die and all the normal people can do is publicly flog them on social media.
So to all of my friends in the family rights community who think that the way to reform is to educate the public about the evils of CPS, this is the type of thick headed mental logic that you have to break through in order to achieve the kinds of reform that you want.  These are the people who make the calls to the child abuse hotline.  These are the people who, after seeing a news story on TV such as this, call their legislators and demand that they do more to protect children form bad parents at zoo's.  And there are one hell of a lot more of them than there are of us.  
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  1. My sadness comes from the fact that the parents falsely accused in the child welfare system are right in there with the judgmental ones.

  2. Anonymous12:21 AM

    There was Witnesses asking whose Child is This whose child is this if they have enough time to ask whose Child is This Then yes the parents were not watching the child in fact there were witnesses that stated the parents were watching the child climb but the number one thing people need to think about is why are wild animals being caged up for our entertainment how cruel is it to be trapped in a small area at your entire life while idiot humans look at you to me being a caged wild animal is the most f*****-up thing on earth that the dirty filthy humans are doing not watching their children is just a small part of the problem

  3. Here is a link to a petition asking the Cincinnati police to ignore the petition that demands an investigation of Michelle Gregg.

  4. everyone who who condemns these people without further knowledge as to who these ppl r or what lapse in judgement led up to this as r only condemning their their future selves ,their children's right to raise their grandchildren and all of us who r human beings. my heart hurts for those poor ppl as well as all those being cruel and un aware they r bein g cruel to simply cannot prevent a crime that hasn't happened without committing one yourself.yes it's tragic bu t life is tragic to remind us it's precious.god save us from our ignorance


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