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Thursday, December 31, 2015

The normal people support CPS and the Foster Care System because they're sold on crap like this...

Because some people, whose names I won't mention, just don't get how the Child Protective Industry uses Public Relations Propaganda to sucker the normal people into supporting their cause, thus creating 50 of them for every one of us, regardless of the fraud and corruption and torn apart families, I bring you the following example of Pathetic Child Welfare Recruitment Propaganda, which comes to us from great state of South Dakota.

In this example, this hot little child worshiping, man-hating, blond pop-tart foster parent talks all about the warm fuzzy feeling she gets while aiding and abetting the child protective industry in the stealing of your kids by opening her heart and her home to a stolen child child in need.

Hold on to your lunch folks!  We are going into the toilet on this one.
Link: Single mother embraces foster care

So, when the yearning to become a mother grew inside her, even though Krekelberg is single, she didn’t hesitate to become a foster mom.
This person certainly isn't normal.  

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