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Friday, January 31, 2014

Maine CPS Strikes Again!

So I was driving down the street today and saw a guy standing at Monument Square, (a local park in the downtown area) with a bunch of signs.

The letters "CPS" stuck out on one of them.  So I parked in the parking garage (at a cost of $2 bucks, BFD) and went and talked to him.

He braved the cold on his moped to get there...

The guy was clearly in a state of distress.  Doesn't know where to turn.  Is desperate for help.  I could see it in his face, hear it in his voice.  The worst thing that ever could have happened did.  Maine's Child Protective Services took his baby girl.

Although I only talked to him for a few minutes, he certainly had a story to tell.

His family only recently moved to the United States.  They brought their daughter to the doctor, and they started giving her vaccinations.  Apparently the vaccinations made the girl very sick, so he took issue with the doctor and said he was going to a new one.

The doctor reported him to Maine's Child Protective Services for Medical neglect.

Guess what happened next...

In all honesty, meeting this guy gave me a grave reminder of what CPS can do to people.  The guy has no idea where to go.  He has no understanding of his situation.  He just doesn't understand.  Totally lost and helpless and desperate.

Imagine being this father...

It could happen to you.

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