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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Mother-in-law takes the kids

Four years ago my husband and I living with my grandmother in Keys, Oklahoma had a baby girl and soon after another baby girl. Renemsee and Rosalie. My family adored them and never went a day without seeing them; I only wished their other side of the family would do the same.

My husband’s mother never came over and basically wasn’t a part of their lives. As much as we tried to involve here we never got good results. Two years ago my husband and I make a choice to separate. Things were not working out for us and we didn’t want to wait around for it to and have our babies gone through it. I lived with a friend and her daughter in Tahlequah. My husband moved in with his mother in the same town. Our girls went to school and I picked them up every day always early and his mother would take them most night after it was their bed time, weekends was my husband’s time with them. We already went to a lawyer to at least write in legal papers that no matter how hard it gets or our emotions we wouldn’t use the kids as tools. We also agreed to be civil, no need for vitiations.

After a month I stated dating my best friend who worked out of town and only saw twice because he was always busy. I now regret it but at the time I didn’t see anything wrong with dating since mentally my marriage had been over for quite some time and I wasn’t involving my children. After two weeks I broke off our relationship because I knew I still loved my husband and knew he could change.

My husband and I started talking again just as friends and said he wanted to slowly work things out. That day his mother kicked him out saying if he was to have anything to do with me that he couldn’t live there. She also took from school an hour earlier and went to the court house and got emergency temporary guardianship stating we the parents was on drugs and neglected the children. Neither of which is true but we knew then we had to prove it.

She took away our vehicles and my family in Tennessee took us in knowing mentally I was about to go through a lot. I have always been a good parent. I have millions of pictures and videos of them. I spent every day for 2 years from morning to the next taking care of them. And I loved it those girls are my world id never let anything bad happen to them. My husband and I got a lawyer and took her to court but every time we drove all the way from Tennessee to Oklahoma and showed up for our hearing it was postponed with no warning. This happened several times. We were never given drug tests that we still to do this day can pass.

When we did have a hearing for first time in months my mother in law got on stand. After hearing all her lie the judge still gave us unsupervised weekend visitations. My mother in law asked for us to have a mental exam and we passed ours but her borderline failed hers. After that months went by with no word from anybody so we finally went to the judge and asked what was going on. As we read in our files there was another court date that we weren’t notified of and the mother in law was granted guardianship.

I can’t explain the pain this caused me. Being so close to those girls, putting them first, always doing the right thing, I always made sure I didn’t do anything wrong so this wouldn’t happen. Before I begin how this has affected me and how I know I have not been treated fair in court I want to inform you this woman not only fails mental exams but she’s done this before. Months before taking our kids she called DHS and took her daughters son same age as our kids. She also took my husband from his dad and even said his dad robbed her but later in court admitted to the DA it was all a lie and had to pay fines.

She did not call DHS on us. She has severe control issues. This isn’t about us as parents it’s about her and her mental issues. My children are innocent and helpless throughout all this. They tell me they have been waiting a long time to see me and how they miss me and want to live with me and daddy. They cry so much and cling on to us when we see them which are sad because we rarely get to see them.

My mother in law has kept them from everybody in my family. She won’t answer phone calls, if we ever want to see them we have to just show up and that’s hard to keep a job if we have to keep driving that far taking the chance we won’t see them. We are very stable and my husband has a great job, we don’t use drugs nor ever around them. If you have a child or one that you are close to could you imagine being there for them since day one then suddenly have them taken from you for no reason by someone they hardly know?

I am desperate to get my children back. Where they want to be and that’s with us their family. I know we don’t have a lot of money like my mother in law does or have as many connections. I want to get them back fair and get my name is clean that I was always a good mom. Is there any way you can help me, my husband and these innocent children? 

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