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Sunday, July 21, 2013

A missunderstanding

They took our 4 kids from school.

They detained them and lied to the judge to get the removal order. Three years ago my husband was arrested for DMV two times in a 6 month period. I am the mother and I left him and he went to jail. We lived separately for over a year in a half. During that time my husband enrolled in programs for DMV and anger management as well as AA. He did jail time and realized he had a problem.

Long story short we got back together a year and half after this. We were together for the last year and we had our first verbal argument in regards to me the Mother having a cocktail following a cremation ceremony. My husband felt I shouldn't be drinking since he can't.

Needless to say we argued and I left for a couple days until I could get into a therapist at Kaiser. The therapist misunderstood me when I was scheduling the appt over the phone. He thought we had recent DMV. He had no idea that it was not recent and in fact my husband went to jail and programs and we nearly divorced. When I arrived at the office to make sure that my husband attended the session the therapist asked me for a quick update. I briefly started with our history of DV and before I could finish he said he was calling CPS.

I cried and left before I could even explain it was three years ago. The therapist called CPS and they called me to come to our house days later. I was not home and asked to schedule for the next day. Then I called a family law attorney that did suggested I needed to retain him . We did and he called to cancel the appt with CPS. He told us that the interview would take place at a different day. We then figured the attorney was scheduling the interview. Then 3 days later our 4 kids were removed from school in front of all their peers.

Nobody would speak to us from the department since we hired the attorney. Our attorney said the county attorney was not available to discuss the case. This was a friday. They threatened to send my kids to foster home and put my youngest child alone in a foster home without his sisters. My oldest daughter texted her friend from school and then her father was a police officer and he came and got the kids to take to foster at his house. They were there for a month. We both had monitored visits for the first week, then I got unmonitored. My husband still has monitored.

Finally l got the kids after CPS said they could come home to me. This was after many interviews of explaining the therapist misunderstood me. I was told not to speak to my husband and my kids are not allowed him at all. We have another hearing coming up on July 19 and they are proposing to keep the same situation until Jan 2014. This is so ridiculous......I haven't done anything to these kids nor did my husband,

The kids have even told them that they have never seen violence.

They are scarring my kids from this situation. They are heartless and pretend to worry about the well being of the children and they are the ones causing harm. My kids are all healthy, athletic sociable kids that don't deserve this. The system is not set up for these kind of situations. I have never failed to protect. I left my husband when he committed DV and we had one argument and I seeked therapy and this is what we got.

This is a nightmare ! Please give us some tips if anyone knows. We can't ever get a break from these people.

The system is not fair they even lied and told the judge we had a prior CPS case and have never have. They lie about so many things and twist up the DV police report to sound like I didn't protect. This is not right when they have authority to ruin peoples lives and they barely even have a degree. The social workers have tattoos and terrible grammar and this so called investigator gets the authority to decide the outcome of my childrens life. Please help !!!!

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  1. Anonymous8:44 PM

    I understand you're frustration , but you are lucky to have you're kids. most woman never get them back, and that is a very real chance. To be honest most of the woman and men on here never see their kids again, after they are placed. It's probably because you're daughter's friend dad was a police officer. My advice do not go back with you're husband. Maybe if her returns and does more classes you will be able to go back with him. I am a grandmother ,and they were called ,and used an arguement i had with husband. my daughter lost her kids, and are arguement was all over the affidavit,al lies of course. Who would ever think because you're mom throws her husband out, a daughter would loose her kids. Move or stay away, i's ur kids or uur husband.


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