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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Store Clerks calling the hotline

Me, my husband and my son went to a store. My son was stomping and screaming. My husband carried him out of the store. I paid and we left. Two hours later the police are at our door. The worker at the store called them and said that my husband was punching my son (under 5 yrs. old) in the face as I stood and watched.

To make a long story short my husband was arrested. We bailed him out. Cps came to my door and LIED that they had a court order to remove my son. I gave him to my sister. The worker lied and said that me and my husband were drunk and high on illicit drugs. I took a hair follicle to prove them wrong. They still wont let my son return.

They said I didn't open the door for cps so therefore I am not trustworthy to watch my son. I live with my 75 yr old father and 69 yr old mother who never had a criminal record or a traffic ticket yet cps said they are not trustworthy either. They claim that my son is abused by his father and that the rest of the family covers it up. We have letters from his school who say there was never abuse going on. We have letters from a school principal, local politicians, people who would not risk their reputation unless they know that cps has gone overboard. When my husband went to court to plead not guilty on the first charge he was rearrested on a 2nd degree endangering welfare of a child because my son was interrogated and supposedly said daddy spanks me. This entire thing is insane and I didn't even write the half of it. Cps is a huge business. The workers in my state get a $3000 bonus for every child they remove. That is so wrong because if they need the money that is incentive to lie. Cps needs to be stopped. The only way this is going to happen is if people get together and do something about it. Anyone is one phone call away from having their child legally kidnapped. This entire ordeal has cost us over $70 thousand in lawyers, bail money ect. This should not be happening in America. We need to get the attention of politicians!!! Tell me what I can do and I will do it.

We need to use the media. If I knew that something would get attention of someone in like politician I would not care if my name and story were known. My fear is that once this end I am still only a phone call away from it happening again. Anyone is. Please people pay attention. America is taking our parental rights away. They are saying that they know better as to how to raise our children than we do. Research the laws. Check out Its about the government turning against us. Pass this on!!!!

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