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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Perhaps they should be offering assistance to the parents???

My name is Allie and my husband Billy we live in Vermont. I will try to make this short but we have a very long very heart breaking story. We feel like we are lost souls.

My husband and I have 3 young beautiful children. We have not been able to see them in a year. We struggled with drugs and alcohol but in no way does our children or ourselves deserve what has happened. We were unaware that while we were reaching out to our family and struggling that my mother was calling DCF. Not only was she calling DCF but she was making up things that me as her daughter could never imagine. She also was planning all along to get custody of my children.

3 years ago my husband and I split up. I had a safe place to go with my children but my mother begged me to stay with her and her husband. Everything in me knew that this wasn't a good idea. My mother and I have had a very disturbed relationship and her husband and herself are also Alcoholics and drug addicts. looking back because I so badly wanted my mother to want to help me and love me that I made the worst choice of my life.

About 2 weeks after living with my mother. there was an argument between my mother,step father and myself. we had all been drinking. before I knew it my mother was in my face screaming she was so close I could feel the spit hit my face. she was calling me worthless. They both were. at this point my mother had called my sister and brother in-law for her version of an "intervention" * remember we were all drinking. I didn't know what to do I was scared 2 full grown adults in my face so I grabbed my mother to get her away from me. thankfully my brother in-law grabbed my stepfather off of me. my mother was screaming she was going to call the police because I assaulted her and I would never see my kids again. I was crying and scared I just wanted her to stop.

My sister and brother in-law calmed her down but she wanted me out of her house. My sister said I could go to her house. I was getting my stuff ready and the kids. At this point everyone was saying Allie don't wake the kids. you can come back in the morning to get them. I refused. but I had to leave the house and they wouldn't let me take my children. So I went with my sister. This was by far the biggest mistake of my life. the next morning I call my mother. I asked what time I could come and get the kids. She told me I was not allowed to have my children or come to her house if I had any questions call DCF.

Tears are filling my eyes now as I this. DCF had told me that because I put my hands on my mother that I was a violent person and unfit for my children. My mother had set the whole thing up. DCF told me there was nothing I could do until there was a court. I was lost and still am. Court came around at this point my husband and I had worked things out but because of that awful night my husband couldn't even see the kids.

My mother was crying in court and so convincing that while my husband and I went thru recovery that she should have guardian ship of our kids that this would make it easier for her to take care of them. The Judge and DCF were also for it. Out of my own want once again for a good loving mother I believed that this would be best for our kids while we get on track. My husband agreed. The moment we left court She has done everything in her power to make sure we will never have our kids again. So my husband and I picked ourselves up got into a recovery program which included urine tests, went to a couples therapist, had a parenting teacher, had a recovery doctor that also urine samples. Doing all this gave us visits with the kids.

At 1st we could see the kids at the kids pre-school, then at Billy's mothers house. everything seem to be coming together. out of no where we had another court date. Billy and I had been looking for lawyers but all wanted at least four thousand to even look at this case. so we went to court. My mother accused us of waking the kids up including our niece and nephew and making them watch us have sex. We were and still are completely blown away. Who would do such a thing. of course we denied such a allegation. By the way this is all thru probate court and it is my mother,step father, the lawyer my mother has, a lawyer for my kids, guardian ad litem and DCF appeared 2 times.

So I am doing my best to wrap this up. The conclusion to the investigation was that until billy and myself could prove sobriety, get an apartment and hold down jobs we can see our kids. there is so many things wrong with this I cant even begin to explain what we have been going thru without our 3 babies. This request would seem easier to most but we also pay thirteen hundred dollars a month in child support. I have mentioned also that I fear my step father hits my kids. I have tried to inform anyone of my fears but all I hear is this is a very unique case or to hang in there.

My middle son just failed his 1st year of school. Someone please help me. I am living in a world of complete loss and heartbreak. I struggle on a daily basis to live. our hearts are hurting and I know our kids are the ones that are hurting the most. please, please! someone anyone help. I know I haven't been able to completely tell you everything but I have done my best. thanks for listening

Submitted by Allie and Billy via the Submission Form

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