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Monday, February 18, 2013

Schools wrangle with tolerance for kids faking gunplay

Schools wrangle with tolerance for kids faking gunplay

At a time of heightened sensitivity to school safety, parents and school officials disagree over how to respond to toy guns and children who pretend to fire them.

Note: This article is the current result of the infestation of the radical feminist and the adoption of modern psychobabble in our public schools responding to the paranoia of the sheep during times of heightened media fear mongering by convincing them that they should be afraid of their own shadows.  

They are apparently trying to remove all natural male aggression from the boys, which would essentially make them girls.  Apparently they've come to the conclusion that that which makes boys boys is apparently a threat to the modern feminist belief that you should take it like a bitch no matter how much irrational and emotional bullshit she spews out at you.  So if we can just tame our kids at a very young age, perhaps we can avoid all future conflict, abuse or bullying.  

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