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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Foster Parents Gain More Rights in Court

Foster Parents Gain More Rights in Court

It's a big win for foster parents in Colorado as the supreme court rules to give them a bigger role in important hearings involving children they care for.

Note: This is a decision that will have severe negative consequences for parents who are fighting or working hard to regain custody of their kids.  Such a decision will enable a foster parent who falls in love with a kid to thwart your reunification efforts, intensify their power to alienate you, and decrease your chances of winning your case.  

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  1. Katherine Cherry2:55 PM

    Beverly Tran, a legalese mind who represents the movement before Congress to end CPS corruption, explains Medicaid Title IV double billing fraud by social services, in terms everyone can understand, courtesy of collaboration with Legally Kidnapped.

    See: The Anatomy of Child Welfare Fraud: Targeted Case Management, on youtube YNTa7BksGkg

    Taxpayers are paying for double billing fraud by $ocial $ervices while handing innocent kids to fosters under the guise of intervention and forever condemning falsely accused natural parents. THANK YOU TAX PAYERS.

    Children are trophies for Fosters. Who doesn't like trophies? These trophies are paraded around for all their neighbors to see, and in effect OPENLY declare the good intentions of the fosters undying love. But the real love is the love of money. Fosters are paid to take the place of falsely accused parents.



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