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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Blessings of an Adoption Baby Shower

If you ever want to read a blog that will make you gag and puke, by one of those delusional and gullible foster/adoptive parents who believes everything that the nice social worker tells her, who will block you for leaving any comment critical of CPS or the Foster Care System, who absolutely hates me, who believes that her adopted kid who is a gift from God is possessed with the RAD Demon, and who believes that YOU are a monster so that she can feel good and justified about taking your kids then go on over to and watch her spew her vile, jealous of the real women who can have their own babies and all of her evil bio-parent hating, foster care loving, "I'm entitled to your kid A. Because I can't have any of my own, and B. Because God wished this upon me" BS.

But I must warn you.  Clicking on this link is not a good idea for the easily offended.  It will either bring up an error message since she hates me and probably has me blocked, or the mother-load of holier than thou, stomach turning, CPS Loving, parent hating, worship me because I'm a higher life form than you because I"m a foster parent to your screwed up kids...

Oh I'm sorry, here's the link.
The Blessings of an Adoption Baby Shower 
"Adoption is such a blessing! For those wanting to add to their families. For those birth mothers overwhelmed by motherhood. For the children who need a stable place to belong…forever."
Adoption is a blessing for those birth mothers overwhelmed by motherhood my ass.  Just keep telling yourself that Penelope as you're throwing the real mothers into the lake of burning fire.  While they're sitting there wishing they would just bleed to death from having their hearts being ripped out.

Of course, she may have links blocked from Legally Kidnapped, since I am a sworn enemy of hers, so I post it as a simple text link so that you may copy and paste into your browser.

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  1. went there hated it...she is what we call in the truth movement a mindless sheep..hold tight sis,there days are numbered.


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