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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mass Liquidation Of The Assets

So as the Child Protective Industry celebrates in their mass adoption ceremonies, all of the fairy tales finally have their happily ever afters... (not)

So today is National Adoption Day.  Which is the day when the Child Protection Industry liquidates the assets to make room for more.

November is also considered national adoption month.  I have been avoiding the overwhelming gag choke puke fest all month so far because I don't want to help them advertise, but the unfortunate reality of this particular day is that many of these kids may just be the kids of some of the beloved readers of Legally Kidnapped.

13 children find adoptive parents during Vanderburgh County Adoption Day

5 Tri-City-area children adopted on National Adoption Day

23 Broward children welcomed into forever homes on National Adoption Day

42 children adopted in special ‘National Adoption Day’ event

110 children join families on Adoption Day in LA

36 Children In Foster Care To Be Adopted This Weekend on National Adoption Day

I could post lots more, as like the state sponsored baby market and child trafficking ring, my news feeds is saturated with this adoption day/month crap, but I'm sure you get the point.


  1. I happen to be one of the readers who's grandchildren were given for adoption, after ruining their mother's life and not giving anyone in the family a chance to take these girls to avoid adoption. This is not a happy month or day for those who's little loved ones have been forcefully taken and railroaded through the system to this unfortunate end. It is a travesty that CPS does all but protect children in most cases.

  2. I happen to be one of the readers of LK. Three of my granddaughters were forcefully taken from my daughter, her life was torn apart and the girls were finally adopted without giving anyone in the family the opportunity to take them to keep them in the family. This is not a happy month or day. I know there are people who will take a child who needs love and stability, I just wish that's what CPS was in the business to do.


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