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Monday, November 26, 2012

Regarding the Selling of Ones Soul To The Child Protective Industry

Children's Services job takes toll on workers, families (gallery)

Every day, the front-line social workers for Cuyahoga County's Department of Children and Family Services fight to save kids.

Note: I do not feel sorry for this child snatcher.  We dig our own holes.  For every child she's saved, she's probably ripped apart 2 families who didn't need to be, just to keep the  numbers up.  Most of them do.

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  1. I so agree with the comment. I don't feel sorry for these people either. They've been fed lies as a condition of their job and continue to eat them up and believe every lie that comes from above them. There will be a special place for each of these who don't wake up and realize what they have been a part of. This is why there is such a high turnover in social work.
    I'd just like to know who or what they are protecting the majority of kids from. When my granddaughters were taken and they refused to return them, we had meetings (farce) with our family and my dad kept asking the same question, "who are you protecting these girls from?". No one in our family would consider harming any of our children and I come from a very large family.


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