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Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Manufacturing of Public Support For CPS

If you scroll down, you will see that I just posted these two videos.  However, it would be wise to read this entire post before watching them.  For those of you who have already watched them, oh well.

Now before some System Suck gets their panties in a bunch over all of these kids, which of course would be the natural reaction for the normal people who sit watching such videos instead of, oh for example, letting these kids rest in peace.  I gotta warn you...

This is nothing but propaganda aimed at manufacturing public support for CPS to get more money, more power, more workers, more training, more foster parent recruitment efforts going to make room for all the new kids they're going to snatch at a much quicker pace and bla bla bla.   It's called social conditioning.

Notice how they're is no mention of the fraud.  Notice how there is no mention of the corrupt workers, judges or service providers who are already making a healthy living off of the kids who were stolen protected.  Then there's no mention whatsoever of what ultimately happens to the kids who are snatched away rescued, except on National Adoption Day when all of the new happy families are created and the system is glorified thanks to all the success stories.

Instead CPS is being portrayed as incompetent  or irresponsible, because they failed to protect a few kids.  Then, as the investigation continues they'll find that the workers are overwhelmed, overworked, have heavy caseloads, can't keep up with all of the families that they're juggling, etc. Workers will take a verbal beating for a little while.  A few will get shuffled around and a couple might even get fired, just to make the agency look like it's doing something about it.

You also gotta remember that the normal people who watch this crap, and who have yet to experience the pleasures of a social worker crawling up their ass generally don't understand what really goes on in the system or how these people operate.  They're sold on these gut wrenching news reports about dead kids and taught to believe that CPS needs to move faster in all cases in order to protect kids.  If they can pull on a heart string, they got you hooked in.  A few of them will even be moved to action.  They'll call their state legislators or even attend a small local protest demanding that CPS do more to protect these kids.  The'll hire more CPS Agents.  They'll recruit more foster parents.  You'll hear things like "when in doubt take them out" and "err or the side of protecting children."

In other words, they use your emotion to lock you into the story,  then fill your heads with bullshit.   And thus we have the manufacturing of public support for CPS.

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