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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


To Whom This May Concern:

In April 2011 my son Quadir was taken from my custody by DCF due to false accusations and bogus statements made by the school and DCF worker C******* S*******. The courts were petitioned for an OTC using a sworn statement that contained nothing but false statements. I have documents and witnesses that can prove line for line that the statements are false.

About a few weeks after my son was removed from my care I get a phone call from Saint Raphael hospital in New Haven stating that I need to come to the hospital ER my son needs to be admitted. I wasn't given any info so I rushed from Shelton to the ER running lights, stop signs etc trying to get to my son. After arriving at the hospital I see my 8yr old baby I damn near cried my son look as if he can back from a battle field his clothes was torn, his back was bruised he had multiple scratches and bruises on his face and he was crying to me that he wants to come home, Everyone hates him and he told me that he was kicked in the stomach. I have pictures. I asked the nurse where is DCF I was told " we have called the DCF hotline and left numerous messages but no one called us back and we couldn't treat unless we had consent so we called you" My son spent the entire weekend at the Hospital and DCF was not even aware that he was there until Monday late afternoon...3days after his admission. When DCF finally was made aware of quadir's hospital admission they told me that I was not suppose to go to the hospital when I was called and they prevented the staff from given my the the documented details about Quadir's bruises. The nurse and doctor the night Quadir was admitted had did a quick exam and document his injuries and promised me a copy of their findings but DCF bared them from releasing the info from me.

My son has ADHD and I been bringing him to see a doctor for that but I haven't had him start on medication yet because his doctor was sending him for different testing such as gentic testing and cardio testing due to the fact his father passed from Long QT syndrome. DCF on the other hand due to the fact that they wwant to keep him in their care and have him placed where ever they want him scared myself and my mother into making a decision that we were not comfortable with by threatening us. we were told " IF you are unwilling to have your son take ADHD medication then you are unfit to be a care giver for the child."

I can sit here and write you a book on what that department have done to me my son and my family ....I need justice served on behalf of my son and what he is going through and his sufferings and on behalf of my rights that were violated by the CT DCF ....If you can help me or at least point me in the right direction please contact me:

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