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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Update: The nut who wants to license clowns.

So that nut who wants to license the clowns turns out to be a pretty intense control freak with a one tract mind...

I joined her Ning group and she moderates everything, every comment, every picture that you upload to your own profile. She sends me a message that says Welcome! in bright flashy animated letters. I said thank you. Then she starts preaching some child abuse propaganda, I responded with a friendly message telling her what I do. So she refuses to moderate my message in and deletes the thank you message.

I don't know if you can view it or not without an account, but here it is the little page I set up.

I'm sure it won't be long before I'm booted from the group all-together. Times a wastin. Get your bets in now. How long will I last? I am LK you know. I do have a reputation to protect.


  1. Anonymous1:42 PM

    Name calling is verbal abuse
    Who are you to label an advocate for children rights and survivor of child abuse Your verbal abuse is NOT appreciated

  2. Anonymous2:39 PM

    Before you make derogatory/libel comments realize this.
    I am a voice for children I am a survivor of incest and child abuse
    I have every right to moderate the network the way I perceive to be best I pay for the network and ask nothing in return except respect
    Now your comment regarding deletion of certain post I try and maintain a network that will be easily accessible without slowing down because of too much content
    I do not appreciate you slandering me on my efforts for laws to protect children I need question those who oppose any law that would prevent child abuse Not impressed with your commentating Please stop verbal abuse and labeling. You are verbally abusive name calling me a "nut" best you take caution with your words
    Linda Beaudoin
    Advocate for children rights Activist/Survivor of child abuse

  3. Anonymous2:54 PM

    Please beware of the words you use regarding your portrayal of me .
    You are labeling me and are verbally abusive by calling me a "nut"
    Interesting how counselors are supporting this law and many more people. Please do not character assassinate me.Most people would agree with any law that would protect children and prevent child abuse You are against a license with a criminal background check on those who work with kids as clowns Santa Claus, magician & other characters That would suggest anyone with a criminal record such as a thief or sex offender would be permitted to work around children and in homes in communities That is ridiculous As one city counselor put it It is a no brainer. As far as how I moderate the network is to easily navigate while not overloading the network The mission for this network is advocating.lobbying,seeking legislative legal reform,activists and not just a network without a goal.
    Now please refrain to label me as you have I do not appreciate that There are laws to protect against libel and slander
    Stop with the abuse
    I will not tolerate

  4. My aren't we sensitive

  5. Anonymous11:25 PM

    Sensitive ?
    Are you joking ?
    Its about respect ...

  6. When you start respecting parental rights, and stop deleting my comments, I'll start respecting you.

  7. Anonymous11:57 PM

    You are a hurting troubled individual
    Seek help

  8. You could be right.

  9. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Remove the post calling me nut
    I will take legal action against you

  10. I'll think about it.

  11. Besides, you're the one who demanded my attention. :)


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