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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Report: Child welfare workers too trusting

Report: Child welfare workers too trusting

Note: To the dumbass who wrote this article. Chile welfare workers are the ones who can't be trusted.

Florida child welfare workers did nothing to Jorge and Carmen Barahona when allegations of possible child abuse and neglect were made, a grand jury report said.

The grand jury report, issued Monday, said a Department of Children and Families investigator was so trusting that when the agency received a report Feb. 10 that twins Victor and Nubia Barahona were tied up and locked in a bathtub, the investigator left the Barahona home without seeing the children and wrote they were at little risk of harm, The Miami Herald reported Tuesday.

And this will screw it up for everybody else. Workers will be taught not to trust anybody making it harder on parents.

No worries though, there will still be plenty of incompetent social wreckers from Florida to keep us entertained.

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