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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A question asked on Yahoo Answers

When do i know to call child protective services?

i'm 16 years old and i am getting scared of my parents. mainly i can't deal with them any more, they are so immature and i'm sick of it. example my dad gets home and gets drunk every night and watches tv. he got so upset once about the tv that he started yelling the f word and i could of swore he was going to hit me. no i would just leave and stay with an older friend. But i have two little brothers and i don't want to leave them behind. and i am considering calling Child protective services. What should i do? does anyone know the number to call? Thank you- Brent

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  1. Anonymous5:46 PM

    I have worked on a few cases wherein, confused teenagers were advised via forums including the one mentioned to call CPS.

    The reults were absolute nightmares with families being torn apart, teens disperesed to group homes and in some instances, parents branded for life as child abusers when indeed NO ABUSE EVER happened.

    I wish these forums, such as the one mentioned, would shut down or be monitored with care.


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