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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cassidy Dossett Needs To Go To Jail!

I like this guy.

There is a CPS worker in Williamson Co Texas who has lied to a district judge, injured children and falsified medical documents. Cassidy Dossett is the epitome of a system gone wild. I call on Gov Perry, the CPS and the Atty Gen of the State of Texas to bring to and end this dangerous farce! Put this child abuser in jail where she belongs. Please watch this video and write your congressmen. The child you loose may be your own! The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services had itself been an object of reports of unusual numbers of poisonings, death, rapes and pregnancies of children under its care since 2004. The Texas Family and Protective Services Crisis Management Team was created by executive order after the critical report Forgotten Children of 2004. The critics and plaintiffs' attorneys are out there. They seethe with frustration in their assertion that there are child protection workers who are as dysfunctional and flawed as some of the abusive and neglectful parents they investigate. They feel mistreated, ambushed, without recourse to a neutral oversight authority, and fume that the courts will believe the word of child protection workers over their clients. And yet, when there is a credible allegation that a child protection worker has knowingly made misleading or false statements which resulted in the wrongful removal of a child, their criticism and anger seem justified. Such misrepresentations may involve highly contested issues of material fact that more properly should be examined by an agency supervisor or in court on the merits. The supervisor or court, inadvertently giving credence to the worker's misrepresentation, may thereby be swayed in favor of the worker's recommendations. (They lie all the time folks!)


  1. i am so sorry you are going through this. please keep up the good fight , i know you will prevail. i hope you're getting help from the news outlets in your area. GO BIG , come on , your from TEXAS son . make us proud!!!!
    you are 100% right about this woman needing to go to jail. anyone who cannot see this is blind. i can't believe she blatantly disregarded the drs. diagnosis , she could kill your beautiful grand children. i would file charges of attempted murder against that woman.
    i will keep you and yours in my thoughts.
    Patricia Galvin

  2. i am so sorry you are going through this. my heart is breaking for you. i hope to god you win on august 5th , please post an update. i will be looking for it. i know the best thing you can do is go public. come on now , your from texas....GO BIG!!
    there is so much corruption in these agencies all across the country i have learned. fight the good fight, i will keep you in my thoughts.

    patricia galvin

  3. Anonymous12:38 PM

    i like you too ,i feel for you ,i understand you are fighting for your grand children who cannot fight for themselves ,,i hope you win ,i hope cassidy is at least fired!!!!!!!!!she should go to jail because that is what she would try to do to someone else but FIRED at the very least .personaly i say, the first 95 % of your clip was presented extreamly well but the very end was hostile although i understand the anger WELL and would want to show my hostility just as much the courts use that hostility to discredit the people who are desperatly doing the right thing and exsposing the wrongs of the child protection athority that is resposible for the crime .try to stop the video befor you get yourself so worked up you utter a personal threat and ruin all the honest work you ve done that could win your grand childrens thier freedom back ,keep the facts and the way you presented exstreamly well but save the last ,the pure hostility for a different site a little more private. VENT that raw anger to people who will understand and not hold it against you ,lovingly elizibeth


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