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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Social worker files 'whistleblower' suit against state

Social worker files 'whistleblower' suit against state

A state social worker filed a "whistle-blower" lawsuit Friday alleging that Kentucky officials disciplined him because he reported violations by fellow social workers, including the placement of children in the homes of registered sex offenders.


Social worker's suit charges retaliation

A state social worker from Madison County has filed a lawsuit alleging that he was suspended from his job in retaliation for attempting to report wrongdoing by child protection officials that endangered children — including cases in which children were placed in the custody of known sex offenders.

All from the same state that is going through this just yesterday...

W. Ky. city organizes child abuse protest

So why aren't they bitching about how the Child Protective Industry abuses and endangers children?

Happy Child Abuse Propaganda Month people.

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