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Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Indiana Child Liquidation Method

So late last night, I commented on the Michigan Heart Gallery which puts hard to place foster children on display for everybody to see, and today, I come across one of these heartwarming sucker you in with love kind of bullshit articles that really just makes you want to puke because anybody who knows anything about this issue should clearly be able to see that they are sending the wrong message in an effort to sucker people into their little scam.

And be it Child Abuse Propaganda Month, I am somewhat obligated to celebrate by continuing to point out the bullshit that they present so carefully in an effort to manufacture public support for their cause.

Also, before I give you the link to this article, I would like you to watch a quick video and keep it in mind when reading the article below, because I once again have uncovered a very special kind of foster parent which I would like to point out to you, which I like to call the Loony Tune.

I trust you found that entertaining.

Now I present to you the article which brings about another child liquidation method which I must translate into reality point by point.

Local mother to talk about Indiana Adoption Program

Oh, the life of the only child. Days filled with parental attentions basking your way at the drop of a hat, having your own bedroom and never having to worry about anyone else messing with your toys.
Translation to Reality: Ok now this one starts off a little weird. But it is one of the methods they use to butter you up for the punchline.
Is this a sign of heaven on earth, or what?
Translation to Reality: Remember what your childhood was like?
"Man, it was boring," said Chandra Ford, an only child. "There was no one else to play with, I was lonely and I was just bored. I would have loved to have another brother or sister. That's part of the reason I became a foster parent. I didn't want my son to have to go through all that boredom."
Translation to Reality: I'm an infertile who so desperately wants a large family. I'm using my son as an excuse.
Ford's son, Joshua, 10, doesn't have to worry about all the potential alone time now that the Fords haven't only fostered area children, but are in the processing of adopting one.
Translation to Reality: Foster Parenting gives potential adopters the ability to pick and choose.
Unable to have any more children biologically, the Fords decided to focus their enthusiasm toward finding the right siblings for their son and opening their home to children in need.
Translation to Reality: See? Infertile and desperate for more children to have and to hold and to hug and to love and to call George.
And they encourage other families to do the same.
Translation to Reality: And here we get to the point of such a dramatic presentation of the desperation of this particular infertile who wants your kid of her own to (as stated above). Now I don't mean to be hard on women who are unable to have children of their own. Just those who make a point of using their own stories of being suckered into the Child Protective Industries warehousing to liquidation program so that they can sell the same line of bullshit to other Looney Tunes to have your kids of their own to...

Therefore this person's story is fair and open game.
Chandra is the Delaware County representative for the Indiana Foster Care and Adoption Association, an organization that serves adoptive and foster families throughout the state.
Translation to Reality: These people want to sell your children who they have failed in the foster care system.
With the help of her connection with the Indiana Department of Children, Ford has organized a presentation in Muncie to encourage families to adopt children in the Indiana Adoption Program, the state's public adoption program for children in the foster care system.
Translation to Reality: Alongside the Product Acquisition Team (Dept. of Children) who provides a steady flow of incoming product...
Currently, 300 children are in the adoption program, 80 percent of whom are older than 7 years old. Traditionally, couples interested in adoption, whether with the help of public state-funded programs or through private attorneys, prefer infants and toddlers.
Translation to Reality: Sold out of babies, these are the leftovers.
Presentations like Ford's can go a long way toward educating the public about loving older children and teenagers who are still in a need of a safe, caring home.
Translation to Reality: Presentations like Fords help to sucker in people like you.
"People sometimes think that the longer a child stays in foster care, the greater the emotional problems they have and that's not true," said Angela Kiste from IFCAA. "It doesn't mean they come with more emotional baggage. They simply need a family that loves them as they are."
Translation to Reality: Lie and sucker them in with a guilt trip. What they want though, is their real families.
The Ford family has long loved their foster brothers and sister as they are, welcoming them into their family at any age.
Translation to Reality:

But in terms of adoption, the family was looking more for school-aged children.

The 3 a.m. feedings, the constant crying and the regular diaper changes don't interest Chandra Ford one bit.She's been there, done that, and hopes to never do it again.

That doesn't mean she doesn't want another child, though. And it doesn't mean she's not interested in a little more love to spread in her home.
Translation to Reality: She's lazy.
"I love children, I really do," Ford said. "And there are so many children of different ages out there that can add so much to our lives."

Translation to Reality:


  1. Anonymous1:26 PM

    Possible Future headlines: model family abuses adopted child. It does seem to happen way too often that these model families are headlined later with that.

    But really there are a lot of school age kids that idiotic parents, social workers and judges have created (they all share the blame for some of it: it some cases one is innocent but another is guilty in fact). Just look at AdoptUSkids, every one of them has been TPRed.

  2. Now, Baby LK needs to do a celebration video for the end of Child Abuse Propaganda Month featuring the Product Acquisition Team and Liquidation Model.


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