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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Abuse cases push Fresno Co. CPS to breaking point

Whenever there's a month designated to honor some line of bullshit, such as Child Abuse Propaganda Month, many stories in honor of such lines of bullshit are presented to the sheep in effort to raise awareness for the cause. However, the biased and one sided nature of such presentations are often lacking in fairness and truth, are presented in absence of fact, and are designed to take advantage of the emotions of good people, thus creating a culture of lies where the concept of Big Brother develops and grows right under your noses.

The following article is no exception.
Abuse cases push Fresno Co. CPS to breaking point

A bad economy has created a dangerous environment for many Fresno County children.
That is the first line in this article. And as it suggests, the Child Protective Industry is ready to do their part to make an already bad situation even worse.

The article continues on as many others would, by presenting a tidbit of factual information which includes a few numbers hardly presenting a big picture view.

Social workers received a record number of crisis calls alleging child neglect or abuse in Fresno County last year -- including one for a 1-year-old girl who died. Child Protective Services workers responded to 3,800 emergency referrals in 2009 -- a 15% jump over the previous year and the highest total in five years. Non-emergency referrals for child mistreatment were up last year, too.

The jump in Fresno County far exceeded the statewide trend. In the first 10 months of last year, the most recent period available, emergency referrals for child mistreatment across California were up 4% compared to the same period the year before.

The next line in the article is this.

The increase in Fresno County is related to the recession and greater concern about child abuse, county officials say.

And where does this greater concern about child abuse come from? Skipping ahead a bit, we receive somewhat of an explanation...
Abuse and neglect referrals have gone up for two reasons, according to Huerta and Andrea Sobrado, head of CPS. One factor is the January 2009 death of Seth Ireland, which created greater concern in the community about child abuse, they said. Seth was allegedly beaten to death by his mother's boyfriend, Lebaron Vaughn, after CPS and other agencies received earlier reports about alleged abuse. Vaughn and Seth's mother, Rena Ireland, face criminal charges in Superior Court and are scheduled for a hearing Thursday.
Step 4 - The Child Protective Industry clicks in to Public Relations Repair mode, where they cry about being overwhelmed and under-resourced.

Step 5 - The government pumps more money into the Child Protective Industry.

Step 6 - Repeat. Grow the business.

Please see:

The other reason for the increase is the recession, Huerta and Sobrado said.

In Fresno County, unemployment rose from 10.5% in 2008 to 15.1% last year -- one of the highest rates in the state.

"We're in hard economic times and we've got unemployed parents," Huerta said. "People aren't able to meet the bills. The stress level is huge."

Losing a job is a traumatic event that can become a trigger for child abuse, Sobrado said.

And here is where you should really be concerned. The economy is a very real problem. Good and hard working people have fallen on hard times and there aren't enough resources allocated to help them make it through. Good and hardworking people have been loosing their homes to foreclose. Good and hardworking people can't make the bills. And this bitch is Goddamn right when she says that, "The stress level is huge," and rightly so. But does the Child Protective Industry make it any better for them? No! They come along, accuse you of abuse or neglect, and take the kids away forcing them to get lawyers, and shrinks who suck them dry. So according to this bitch...

Poverty and Hard Times = Child Abuse and Neglect.

So I really hope all of these Self-Righteous Hypocrites loose their own jobs someday so that they can be put into the same position.

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  1. Anonymous12:33 PM

    It's really sad to see that people's parental abilities are decreasing. I hope lawyers will do what's best for the children.


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