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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Social services failing children in care

Social services failing children in care

Children in care are being failed by social services, a report published on Monday will say.


  1. 50 vulnerable Children, without an allocated qualified Social Worker, a National disgrace.
    And how can a newly qualified Social Worker, have the experience to take on a full front line caseload? A sheer impossibility, no wonder there are tragedies, such as Baby P and at the other end of the scenario, System Abuse, of which Children are wrongly taken into Care.
    There is very little sympathy, for the former, as Ed Balls showed his total disregard for Parents involved in miscarriages of Justice, at the hands of the Family Courts.
    I requested a meeting with him, to discus PAINS concerns about the 25% increase in Care Proceedings, since the tragic death of vulnerable Children and Local Authority failings up and down the Country.
    He had agreed to see members of A Baby P campaigning Group, but all I had back from his Department was a two page letter, full of statistics of how the system was going to be improved.
    Now we have the appalling statistics of Young People, past care leavers, that have no formal Educational Qualifications, and fall into a life of crime, which again is very disturbing.
    Alison Stevens - Parents Against Injustice.

  2. Anonymous7:35 PM

    at the present momment my wife and myself are being threatend by social services if we dont live apart they will take our children into care


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