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Friday, June 20, 2008

White Mans Politicial Adoption Scams Throughout The World

More than 20 years experience for the Office of Attorney General

Margaret Donnelly for Attorney General Vlog 1 (D-St. Louis) recommended termination of parental rights while knowing that I had my other two children in my care. Now my daughter is subjected to living in an environment where her emotions are put under strain due to Margaret Donnelly's unlawful recommendation.
Margaret Donnelly for Attorney General Vlog 1 (D-St. Louis) and Brian Donlop two Guardian Ad Litems who both held liens to the children's house at the same time while claiming that they work for the best interests of the child.

Judge Melvyn Weissman from the St.Louis Clayton County courts terminated my rights while knowing that my other two children were still in my care.

Judge Susan Block did the adoption.

Judge Melvyn Weissman and Judge Susan Block have been noted in articles for operating adoption fair Saturdays together in the state of Missouri.

Becky Price, Social Worker testified under oath claiming that she signed a document knowing that there was a lie written in the document while trying very hard to cover up Margaret Donnelly's advise instructing her not to put anything in writing in regards to letting me know how to get my daughter back.

Judge Melvyn Weissman continued to clip his nails and did nothing about Becky Price Social Worker's testimony.

Sharon Krammar was used to throw a wrench into the counselor named Joanna Mason's positive feedback about me.

Sharon Krammar was the state official who would scold me in front of my daughter for giving her a stuffed animal.

Counselor Joanna Mason's, from the St. Louis Clayton County Courts job was threatened because she was supporting my efforts to regain custody of my daughter.
Court appointed psychologist Lisa Emmenaggar phycologist stated under oath that I had no bond with my daughter because there was no communication during the time I rocked my daughter to sleep in a rocking chair that Social Services placed in the visiting room.

Court Appointed Special Advocate NANCY NETSCH from CASA at the St. Louis Clayton County courts was described as a volunteer who would push for terminating my rights while knowing that my other two children were still in my care.
Nancy Netsch, from St. Louis CASA, Court Appointed Advocates stood side by side next to JUDGE SUSAN BLOCK who did the adoption of my youngest child.
Juvenile officer appeared by attorney, NANCY L. SIDO pushed for termination by attacking frivolous issues such as child support payments to the courts while they collected federal funds for keeping my youngest daughter while wrongfully holding my daughter under their the states care.
Elizabeth Stonefield from the Adoption Unit from the Missouri Family Services was notified that my child was free for adoption.
Judge Coralyn Whittington from the St. Louis Family courts appointed to me attorney Bill Grant from the St. Louis Clayton County Family Courts to handle this case.
It was later discovered by campaign records that my attorney Bill Grant has contributed campaign funds to the Guardian Ad Litem, Margaret Donnelly (she is running for attorney general today) who made her strong recommendation to terminate my rights.
Judge Coralyn Whittington gave custody of my youngest daughter to the biological Father whom they took her from and was later adjudicated for abuse.
Judge Coralyn Whitington also granted full custody of my daughter to a single man that ran a foster career home to adopt from the state of Missouri whom also to include two other little girls to this single man who were also adopted out by the state of Missouri.

Special Correspondent.

"The event wrapped up in the
afternoon with the presentation of
The Dudley Dunlop Distinguished
Guardian Ad Litem Award for 2001
to Donnelly. The award was pre-
sented by Judge Susan E. Block,
administrative judge of the Family
Court of St. Louis County. Block
said of Donnelly, "Margaret is the
consummate professional in a court-
room, and the children couldn't be
in more caring hands when she rep-
resents them."

Referencing above paragraph written in a news article by Linda Meyers.
Take notice to the three names mentioned all in one paragraph together IN THE NEWS ARTICLE, 1. Dudley Dunlop, 2. Margaret Donnelly, and 3. Susan Block.

1. Dunlop'S OFFICE Guardian Ad Litem handled my case, then he passed it on to

2.Margaret Donnelly, then Margeret Donnelly passsed my little girl on to

2.Judge Susan Block for the unlawful adoption.
For further details on this story, you can watch my other video called states earn bonuses and rewards for our children/includes audio

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