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Friday, June 20, 2008

Another idiot senator needs to be corrected

Sen. Susan Collins: Adoption proves there's no place like home

By Sen. Susan Collins of Maine

Nowhere is the human spirit of kindness and generosity shown more vividly than it is through adoption. When families open their hearts and their homes to foster children, they are giving them the love and stability that all children deserve, as well as a solid foundation on which to build a successful life.

Note: Bullshit. Senator Collins is an idiot. Send her a message, Click Here

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous11:15 AM

    this is what I wrote:

    I read what you wrote about the most loving thing a person can do is take a Foster child into their home.

    The most loving thing a JUDGE can do is allow a TRIAL for removal of children that are randomly, doggedly, and sometimes maliciously stalked by CPS.

    My Children were removed in Court procedings that I was not even aware of. If you are losing your home to foreclosure, you at least get to argue your case...children aren't that important to legislators I guess because they can be removed w/ nobody (JUDGE/Gaurdian Ad-Litem/ or even the investigative CPS Worker even SEEING your child) These same people also don't hear the SAME children crying to come home and sobbing when you can't tuck them in at night. I was fortunate that I kidnapped my own children because CPS wasn't even attempting to place them with Family which READILY agreed to take them. That is where they now reside.

    Check your facts, CPS often abuses more children than it pretends to protect. Ad lets others die in foster care at the hands of violent individuals these children should never have met. They also let TRULY abusive parents keep doing the same.

    The most loving thing YOU could do is to do a google search, you will see hundreds of thousands of such instances! And do something about it!


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