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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

An example of the Foster Parent with the Adoption Agenda's Mentality

I found this heartwarmingly sugarcoated article in an article directory. I don't usually correct that which is left out. But I'm posting this article as an example of the mentality of Foster Parents with the Adoption Agenda.

4 things he leaves out.

1. You can thwart the reunification efforts of the parents by claiming a bond with the child, so the parents reunification efforts don't really matter.
2. Kids who have been in the system for a while generally have special needs.
3. You get paid!!!
4. It is my opinion that many of them get off on bashing the REAL parents. Ie. My favorite preditorial adoptor Lanette from Adoption Blogs (remember they don't like me, so copy the link and paste it into your browser, I'm not really a spammer, just opposed to the opinions of this Self-Righteous Hypocrate. God I wish they would shut that lying parent hater down.)

Here's the article.
The Advantages Of Foster Child Adoption
By Mike Selvon

There is a big difference between looking to be an adoptive family and being a foster family. The primary difference is that in adoption, the potential parent is looking specifically to adopt.

In a foster care situation, the foster family is simply providing a temporary residence to nurture and care for a kid until they are either adopted or returned to their biological parents. But some foster families develop a strong bond with the kid and want to make him or her a permanent member of their family through foster child adoption.

The typical adoptive family has to apply to adopt a child and then go through the lengthy process of home studies and background checks. Families already in the foster care system will have an advantage.

The first advantage to foster child adoption is that the child is already present in the home and has developed bonds with the family members. The second is that foster families know how the system works and can help speed the process along.

Most foster children are placed into foster care for several reasons. The first is because a court order was issued, demanding that the kid be removed from the care of the biological parents due to neglect or abuse. The second reason is that the parents were unable to care for the kid and subsequently turned over their parental rights to the foster care system.

The third reason could be that the guardians or biological parents died and no one else was able to care for the child. Foster care adoptions occur after a child has been placed with a foster family, so the hope is that the kid eventually becomes a permanent member of that family unit.

If the child was taken from the birth parent(s) and their rights were terminated, then the foster child adoption agency will ensure that no one else can come forward to claim the child. The last thing they want is for the kid to develop a bond with his or her new parents and then have to be taken away. The trauma of that removal could be devastating to the kid.

If you are looking to be an adoptive family, consider being a foster parent first. Yes, you may develop a bond with a kid that has to be returned to the parents but at least you will be helping children who need someone to love them unconditionally. The positives far outweigh the negatives.
And here is their bio-box
We offer a free child adoption audio gift. Learn more about foster child adoption at our portal, and drop us a note at our domestic adoption blog.
As a final note, it is my belief that if a child is in a foster home before their parents rights are terminated, that foster parent should not be allowed to adopt that child. Foster parents with the adoption agenda are responsible for destroying thousands of families because they thwarted the reunification efforts of the real parents, who are working hard to get their kids back.

Many of these children should have gone home.

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  1. I have to say< I think you are for some reason completely biased on the topic of foster parents. Yes, there are many draw backs, however foster parents also take in children who without them might be a in group home or an otherwise bad situation. Sometimes parents really need to have their kids taken.(drug addicts, abusers, etc.) Also, with the option of adoption(which by the way isn't as easy as you make it sound) it is easier for families to interact and from a bond with the child before the child is thrust upon them.
    Something tells me your kids or someone in your family has had bad experiences with the foster care system. But I beg of you not to try and discourage good people from helping a child, because those are in fact, the only people you will reach.

  2. Yes I am biased on the topic of foster parents. Thanks for noticing.

  3. Nutjob,

    Well said ***** stars for you!

    CC Tillett
    Washington Families United
    Vice-President and Advocate

  4. Amala7:14 AM

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