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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Foster Father Accused Of Child Endangerment Remains Free On Bond

Foster Father Accused Of Child Endangerment Remains Free On Bond

A Johnstown man accused of severely beating three children in his custody remains free on bond.

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    There is no doubt that there are some parents who abuse both their biological and adopted children.

    Some of these parents were abused when they were children and could be on drugs.

    I do not support the abuse, molestation and exploitation of children. It is evil.

    Equally, I am opposed to false accusations of child abuse against innocent parents.

    Sometimes children have to be scolded or disciplined for doing something bad.

    That should not constitute child abuse.

    However, it seems this is exactly what is going on.

    If your child misbehaves and you scold him or her, he/she can call the police, the Child Protective Services and accuse you, the parent of abusing and molesting him/her.

    Just like some adult, some children tell lies too.

    If some adults tell lies and adults bring children into the world, then it is reasonable to believe that sometimes children could be telling lies.

    They must have learned how to do that from the adults.

    It appears that many times when there is a report of child abuse and molestation, the authorities side with the children against the parents, jump into conclusion, rush to prosecute, convict and imprison the parents, without a thorough investigation to determine if the child told the truth.

    In some cases, the children lie because they disliked their parents for not allowing them to do whatever they liked, so they fabricate stories of abuse and molestation.

    I am in favor of proper investigation whenever there is a report of child abuse in a family to make sure that parents are not being falsely accused (for being good parents by disciplining their children) and then prosecuted, convicted and imprisoned.

    There are no parenting schools where prospective parents can go to be educated FREE on how to be good parents.

    Parenting in America is expensive, risky, fraught with dangers and very difficult!!!

    If you allow your child to do whatever he/she likes and not discipline him/her, he/she could join the wrong gang at school, start doing drugs, shop- lifting and one day commit a serious crime that could send him/her to the prison.

    When this happens, the parents are accused of being bad parents, spoiling the child and being neglectful.

    However, if you care for your children, discipline them when they misbehave, they could report and accuse you of being abusive and molesting them.

    When the authorities come, in some cases, they believe the children 9even though they could be lying because they disliked you for disciplining them), remove them and put them in foster care, and then prosecute, convict and imprison the parents for child abuse, molestation or endangerment.

    It is a catch 22.

    Whatever you do or fail to do, as good parents, could lead to a problem with your children.

    It is becoming very risky to have children and be good parents in America.

    Instead of finding every little excuse to accuse parents of child endangerment, prosecuting, locking them up, removing the children and putting them in foster care system where they are molested and abused, I am in favor of programs and schools being created to educate prospective parents about good parenting.


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