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Monday, February 25, 2008

An email I recieved

I’ll try to make it short.

My daughter drinks, she still drinks, says she will never stop.

CPS took my 4 grandkids. Two have been adopted out, one; I don’t know where he is. The other my 18teen year old granddaughter wouldn’t give in to CPS taking her away, since she mostly lived with me since birth anyway.

During the time she was in foster care she kept running away and coming home. She became pregnant during one of her lockups at a Beckley hospital in WV. She had a miscarriage due to another girl knocking her over a bench during her stay in Florida. No she didn’t know who got her pregnant due to the many medications they had her on.

Anyway, I picked her up 40 minutes before she turned 18teen. CPS put a missing report out on her, knowing I was picking her up. Her worker informed me they have to go by the book. Anyway, she is home now happy as can be. She was home 1 month 5 days and passed her GED. She had only made it to the 9th grade in CPS 's care. Her worker still wont give her letter stating she is out of their care.

Some of the things that happen to her in foster care I can’t write about. It has to stop these kids are being used for profit.

Thank you M*****

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