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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

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I was recently sent an article by a Lawyer in Texas and immediately thought of these word's, "would have, should have, could have." The word's we dread so much. It was an article on Child Protective Service's, about a family reported for abuse and neglect of their children. It really started me thinking about how life would have been so different if I had only proceeded differently when my daughter was first reported to DCYF for neglect of her daughter,"In the Future," not in the present, but in the future, as the DCYF Lawyer states.

When the report was first called in, I called an Attorney who had worked for me on my worker's comp case. I asked for his advice on the situation. My daughter and I thought about signing my daughter's right's to her daughter over to my husband and I. The Lawyer advised it would make my daughter look like she was guilty. So we didn't do it, because she wasn't guilty.

After reading the article I was sent, I knew we should have done it. Who could ever even dream of the horrible nightmare my family would suffer since the birth of this innocent little baby girl, by not signing over her right's. Who could ever think it possible for a government agency to treat American citizen's with so much animosity. Our live's have been a living hell, for almost three year's now. Who ever thought our government employed a rogue agency with the power to ruin a family's life? How can our Government let this happen to it's own people?

In the article I spoke of, the family called a Lawyer right away. They never let DCYF in their house and immediately signed their children over to relative's. They never spoke to DCYF without their Lawyer. The case was over before it began. There was nothing DCYF could do. They were stopped in their track's.

Throughout this nightmare, my daughter and I have learned how to fight back. I no longer sit and relax and think about how lucky I am to have my grandchildren by my side. I have learned how to fight for mine and my family's right's, along with so many other family's falsely accused by DCYF.

Every morning I wake up and ask myself,"Is the nightmare over yet?" Then I stop and think to myself, "No such luck. Just another day to fight the system." My daughter and I are much stronger now and know what we have to do. We can never give up this fight for the return of her daughter and we can not let DCYF overpower the American family.

More From Unhappy Grammy

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  1. Anonymous4:56 PM

    BRAVO GRAMMY !! You breath new life into all of us that have had a day that we just want to give up. Thank You for all your efforts in this fight against the monster


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