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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Family attorney Gregory Hession blows the whistle on state child protective services agencies

We need more of these people comming forward. Only problem is, those who get the pay-off's can afford better lawyers then this guy.

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  1. Anonymous6:33 AM

    if mr.Hession dont like you A email such as below will mock you, did Evelyn Treadwell give greg her permission to go to all the groups posting the below info? are you sure you want this type of attorney?
    Dear All:

    Evelyn Treadwell has posted messages around the internet about her guardianship case involving a little girl she was caring for. She lost the case, and the child was returned to the natural mother. She has blamed everyone but herself for the outcome, most especially me, her lawyer.

    But she is not telling you why she lost the case. She did something so dishonest and underhanded that the judge said, "The Court finds the behavior of the guardian to be OUTRAGEOUS." Here is a brief review of what happened.

    Evelyn started caring for the young child of a friend who used drugs and danced at strip joints. The mother left her with Evelyn for long stretches, and was irresponsible. Evelyn eventually became the legal guardian of the child. However, Mom finally claimed to get her "act together" and wanted the child back. Evelyn understandably had a hard time with that because the child was attached to her. Evelyn wouldn't budge about letting the mother back into the child's life, so the mother filed a motion in family court to vacate the guardianship.

    Meanwhile, without telling the mother, Evelyn filed a separate petition for adoption of the child in the same court. She told the court that she did not know where the mother was, and asked for notice by "publication". (That is where they put a "legal notice" in the paper, in the fine print no one sees or reads.) Evelyn actually did find out where the mother was during the "publication" period, and saw the mother at several hearings on the guardianship case, but NEVER TOLD HER ABOUT THE ADOPTION CASE involving her child.

    Then I came on as counsel, and she did not tell me about the adoption either. Nor did she tell the court the cases were linked, and the busy judge didn't spot the overlap.

    Since the mother didn't know about the adoption, and didn't come forward to contest it, the adoption of the child was granted by default. The mother only found out when Evelyn told her that she was now the adoptive mother. I found out after that. When the judge realized he had been duped, he was RIPPED. He quickly vacated his previous adoption order, calling what Evelyn did "OUTRAGEOUS".

    Even so, I stayed on as lawyer, and still tried to help Evelyn keep the child, based on her claims that the biological mother was unfit. The judge appointed all kinds of investigators and lawyers to check out the mom and the child. I hired a private detective to follow her. The Mom checked out in every way as being fit. Evelyn was heartbroken.

    But instead of working with the mom to stay involved with the child, Evelyn dug in her heels. If she had worked something out, Evelyn could have had a close and continuing relationship with the child as honorary "aunt". But she would not - it was all or nothing. At that point, I withdrew as lawyer, and she got another one. She lost the guardianship case, which was predictable if a parent is fit.

    Then Evelyn started attacking me. She complained to the State Bar overseers, who dismissed her complaint. Next came waves of internet attacks, without ever mentioning her secret adoption case, which is what started the case going sour.

    Some others have taken up Evelyn's cause, and posted messages criticizing me, without getting the facts. A person calling herself "Mark", (who I understand is really Renee), has even gone beyond that, and attempted to stir up a lot of strife over all kinds of things. I have never met her or talked with this "Mark". No one mentions Evelyn's secret adoption trick. That would put a very different spin on the story.

    For anyone who has been moved by the apparent injustice of Evelyn's story, the information here will bring some balance. To anyone who still insists on stirring up strife and criticizing someone she doesn't know, please reconsider the honesty and morality of making false allegations, and what harm is done to others by lies.

    Gregory A. Hession J.D.

  2. Anonymous1:21 PM

    This Lawyer is a lyer and a sell out, I know first hand that Evelyn tried to get that mother's address.
    He did not do anything for Evelyn in court to defend her and he had the proof of everything in his files because I seen it.

    Evelyn's Friend

  3. Anonymous10:15 AM

    Hi all
    I just seen this and thank you to any one who believes in me.
    I was not the child's Guardian, The biological mother gave me Legal Custody od the chil and I had her for six years.
    He never told the Judge that info and The child is with her and she is back to dancing, she is back with the man that abused her and lieves the child with him.
    The child was abused bt her and he had evidence from her doctor and Hospital.
    I also have copies of all the evidence that none of it was brought to the Judge to protect this child.

  4. Anonymous9:25 PM

    Hello this is the mother of the child that is being talked about. I just want to say that my daughter is a very happy, healthy, smart, and beautiful child. She never asks to see or speak to Evelyn Treadwell. It has been almost five years; this woman needs to move on!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Anonymous1:01 AM

    I do not know the facts of the Treadwell case, but I do know Greg Hession. My husband and I were falsely accused by DCF, which was eventually proven with Mr. Hession's help. You would never believe it could happen until it happens to you.

  6. Laurie2:14 PM

    Mr. Hession has helped me more just by email alone than any other attorney who asked for thousands up front. He truly cares. DCF is brutal. and i dont know if I can get through this without him but I'm not willing to take that chance. And anon before you put a good man least learn how to spell before you try. He's wonderful and I have so much respect for him. i'm staking my sons life on it.

  7. Anonymous10:33 AM

    Evelyn.... being a good judge of character..... you are a liar and trash.

  8. As for Hession and anyone posting on his behalf: He lost his license on Sept. 26, 2013 for one year and possibly more. What he did was FAR,Sorry for the child in this case. If justice were done, Greg....oh well, sometimes I have to filter....

  9. Anonymous7:25 AM

    That is really a great thing that now the law to protect the children is being introduced.


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