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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Dr. Shirley Moore: Court Corruption: Parts 1 and 2


  1. Anonymous3:24 AM

    Someone needs to find Dr. Moore for me and tell her I did this and the Judge walked out of his own court room. This Judge gave my baby to the man who raped me and sexually abused my children and he tried to protect the abuser. He put me in Jail for not giving the abuser my baby. He said on the stand he was punishing me for the integrity of the system. I am clearly still in the middle of this but something huge happened in that court room. I need Dr. Moore to put my case in her file as proof. She needs this bad. She needs the court CD’s which occurred on 20 JUN 2008 Crystal Malone vs. Christopher Nanez with Judge DePauli at the Eleventh Judicial District Court, Gallup, New Mexico. I can be contacted by finding the Gallup Herald and they will know.

  2. Anonymous8:32 AM

    Crystal Lynn Malone-Murphy


    My Name is Crystal Lynn Malone-Murphy. I can not find help anywhere. My baby has been ripped away from all she knows and everyone she knows. She has been placed in the hands of the man who raped me and the man who sexually abused my children. This Judge gave no regards to my baby’s physical, medical and emotional wellbeing just to punish me, (which he states in court by the way). She was breastfeeding and potty training and needed medical care and counseling for the abuse she and my son suffered by Mr. Nanez, his wife and his girlfriend. My baby never lived with this man nor did he pay child support.
    (I never had any relationship with this man before the rape and only a very limited one for the baby and court afterward). This was done to me by a Judge as a personal vendetta. This Judge, on record violated his Oath of Office and the United States Constitution numerous times. This judge went so far as to step out of his office of Judge and say he was having me arrested for civil contempt of court, stepping outside of his jurisdiction and immunity. When I said you are violating my civil rights he said “SO SUE ME”. I told him he was hurting my baby and I know she is scared.
    There is so, so much more and so much worse, it just keeps getting worse. First I want to say I have over 500 pages of evidence carefully collected and in chronological order, and everything is on record from the court tapes to personal tapes to 3 front page articles in our newspaper. He still sits on his bench and laughs while my baby, my grandmother, my son, and I suffer. I said she is just a baby and she will be scared with out me, (she has not been without me and was breastfeeding) and she needs to be at her appointments. He said that is your fault.
    I am going to give you a brief history on me and my creditability. A list of who I have tried to contact for help, NO ONE will help me NO ONE. And in an attachment I will include just a few pieces of the most important evidence out of my almost 500 hundred pages and include the first newspaper article (I have not scanned the others yet). Also a shortened (as much as possible) chronological order of events. I am going to give you a brief (as much as possible) summary, and the most recent occurrences first to show you where I am in this, and what was done to me and my baby, then I will start at number one with the beginning of these events. This is also the third time the McKinley County Sheriffs Department has failed to obtain a service of court order on me before taking action, or has tried to serve it the night before for court 500+ miles away.


    1. I started college when I was 16. 2. From the time I was 17 until now I have been in some type of law enforcement. I went to the police academy at 17 with the understanding that I would start as an officer when I was 18. 3. I have been in the Military as Army National Guard for 9 years, most of the time, active Guard. 4. I worked in Arizona and New Mexico State prisons. 5. I worked in Holbrook, AZ jail and Gallup, NM jail. 6. I started in the Military as a JAG Paralegal, then Administrative Specialist, next the State of New Mexico Security Clearance Manager where I have a current Secret Security Clearance, a military PLS driver, Combat Lifesaver, and last a Military Police Officer. I have received many letters and awards. 7. I have 62 credit hours in college with most of those toward criminal justice. 8. I have a certificate of graduation for all of these and for the academy’s I attended. 9. I was the first female military C4I – Computer Command Control Communications Intelligence Specialist, 10. I was married to the State of New Mexico District Attorneys Medical and Criminal Investigator. I went with him on most of his calls and received an enormous amount of knowledge and training by accompanying him on these calls. 11, I have never been in jail or arrested for anything until this Judge did this to me for trying to desperately protect my baby and son, not only from the abuser but the Judge who wanted to take this little baby every single month for 7 days a month and turn her world upside down, ripping her from her family, her doctor, breastfeeding, potty training, and her home visits only to name a few. 12. I am currently a stay at home mother because I was hurt during my time as a corrections officer, I am fighting endometriosis and ovarian tumors, I am caring for my baby, home schooling my son, and providing care for my elderly grandmother.


    On August 13 2007 I filed a restraining order on Mr.Nanez after documented, harassment, stalking, threats to steal my baby and kill me, by the abuser, his wife and his girlfriend most documented by police. The latest of all of these had occurred the day before, August 12, 2007 when the three of them went to Child Protective Services (CYFD) 12 times in one day and told them to take my baby away from me because of drug and alcohol abuse, giving the baby drugs and alcohol, excessive discipline, and physical abuse.
    CYFD investigated and found Mr. Nanez, his wife and his girlfriend had sexually abused and exploited both the baby and my son. CYFD ordered counseling for my son and home visits for my baby. CYFD also said abuse on my part or drug and alcohol abuse were unfounded. My protection order was denied by Judge Aragon, after the statement of rape, abuse, stalking and harassment, backed by police reports Judge Aragon was the first one to fail to protect my baby and my family, and Mr. Nanez had filed court papers to take the baby from me in his town (Los Cruces) and the baby did not even live there, wrong jurisdiction) so the police came and got her, and without a return of service on the order.
    The Judge in his town saw the mistakes and ordered Mr. Nanez to give her back after she had been away for four days; I almost lost my milk (breastfeeding) her. I gave the District Attorney’s Office (Investigator Reyes) here in my town all my evidence and asked for charges. They could not do it themselves because of my ex-husband so they assured me it would be forwarded to another agency. They NEVER did. I also made police reports in his town where some of the crimes occurred (Detective Garcia) and mine (Detective Tsosie).
    I reported it to Mr. Nanez District Attorney and State Police both in Los Cruces with Mr. Nanez lying to them each time, but none of the agencies contacted us, interviewed us or investigated, just accepted his word or what ever he offered them. My city police gave my evidence back to me (Detective Tsosie) and said, we don’t know what to do. I reported the checks he forged in my name to my state police and they assured me they would do something, I have not heard from them. I reported it to my sheriffs department when the abuser, his wife and girlfriend broke into my house and stole and destroyed my stuff and my antique cars, I have not heard from them (but I did see it in the newspaper tonight). His city police (Los Cruces) went to investigate and Mr. Nanez stated to them that my son got into his collection of pornography and it was a mistake, however, in court he admitted to lying to the police in his town. And he ended up admitting to showing a pornographic movie to the children which is a felony. When I pointed it out to them and offered them the evidence they said the case was closed. And Mr. Nanez mentioned that yes, they were his friends.
    I was ordered to give my baby (Nova) to this abuser in a March 13th 2008 hearing by Judge DePauli. I disagreed to this decision not just because he wanted to give this abuser my baby unsupervised, but because the Judge himself was planning to abuse Nova every month, for 7 days a month, with no regard to her health, breastfeeding, potty training, CYFD home visits or her emotional health. The Judge planned to turn her world upside down every month, this is emotional abuse and trauma. And Mr. Nanez has her in daycare everyday for most of the day, she was with me every day when she was here. He doesn’t have her, to spend time with her, or because he loves her, only for revenge and so he will not have to pay child support. He has proven this.
    The Judge also planned on my baby’s initial visit to just send her with strangers and rip her away from all she knows, with no regards to her wellbeing by ordering a slow introduction to a new environment and new people. In this trial Mr. Nanez admitted to having weird sexual practices, having a polygamous relationship, showing the children pornography and having sex in front of the children, the perjury committed blatantly in court, on record is too numerous to list here. The lies where so great and obvious that there were only 2 to 3 sentences between a lie and the contradiction to that lie.
    In court Mr. Nanez stated to the Judge “that as you know your honor money is no object” and that his family owns a business and they are wealthy; however he never paid child support and has been fighting for the lowest amount possible after being pursued by the State. I told the Judge time and time again if Mr. Nanez gets a hold of the baby he will not bring her back and will harm her to spite me. (He has not brought her home and did not show up for court when the Judge ordered him to at the most recent court hearing, he cut all contact and moved with his girlfriend who is a convicted drug addict.)
    This proves the Judges prejudice because he did not order Mr. Nanez to show cause, he did not issue a warrant or conduct a manhunt for him, only me, I only heard my baby once in this whole month, when Mr. Nanez and his girlfriend Tanya Abeyta called on my birthday and said tell your mother happy birthday and ha ha I’m with daddy she started screaming for me. (The Judge gave this abuser my baby out of his own hate for me. He is still holding my baby from me and from her from her family and medical care, and he broke the bond of breastfeeding that both of us can never regain, after assisting in her kidnapping.) I asked at the end of the hearing if I could enact the Kelsey Briggs Law.
    The Judge asked me what it was and I told him it allows anyone to ask a different Judge to look over the evidence again if anyone feels a child is being placed back in the hands of an abuser. He became furious and said, you do what ever you think you need to, but if you come before me again it will not be pleasant and my order stands and you will obey them. The Judge ordered Mr. Nanez (the abuser) to pay me for gas to bring her to an exchange point. We live 500 miles apart and to have a baby ride back and forth each month for that long and both me and her being sick, with no good vehicle, this is also abuse by the Judge and shows lack of any empathy for the baby or any common sense.
    Mr. Nanez refused to pay this court ordered gas money which did not even begin to cover the cost of the gas. In good faith I brought Nova to the court appointed place and prayed he would not be there and he was not, he was at my house stalking me and had also been visiting his girlfriend Tanya Abeyta, who’s mother Rosa Armstrong lives here for which I have witnesses. Mr. Nanez got scared because I had taken her to the right place and right time, he expected to trap me here and cause a violation of custody, and be able to see his girlfriend at the same time.
    (Mr. Nanez only wants my baby to avoid paying child support and for revenge, for which I have almost 500 pages of evidence.) Mr. Nanez has shown NO care for my baby, no empathy for her feelings or wellbeing, only revenge and hate. So Mr. Nanez filed a frivolous custody violation charge which is what he and the Judge were waiting for, as Mr. DePauli stated, that it would not be very pleasant if I came before him again. When I appeared the Judge heard Mr. Nanez go on for an hour and a half. Then he made his decision.
    I had to ask him if I could respond and present my evidence. I told him I was at the appointed place and time, I presented pictures, and I presented a set of e-mails that showed Mr. Nanez had no care or feelings for Nova, that I was at the right time and place and that he was refusing to pay the court ordered 40 dollars. He did not allow me to read the e-mails and he refused to do so himself. He took my pictures but said I was lying. And only after a few minutes of my (trying) to present evidence on my effort to take Nova and Mr. Nanez refusal to pay or even show some kind of care for the baby, the Judge stated I was taking up the courts time and I should be made to pay for it, he ordered me to pay the abuser for his time and gas, even though Mr. Nanez refused to pay child support or the court ordered 40 dollars and then threatened to charge me for the court and his time.
    He then charged me with contempt of court and 10 days in jail to be suspended if I go get the baby and give her to Mr. Nanez that day. I got Nova and my son and went to a battered family shelter. The Judge issued a bench warrant with instructions to call him immediately upon my arrest with no bail. I had filed for an appeal and had 20 days for a response but because the Judge was angry about my decision to appeal, he created this opportunity to block and hinder my appeal. The Judge had every officer, detective, and his friends out looking for me and Officer Gerald Tholand told me the Judge had my wanted picture up everywhere and especially all over the Gallup Police Department.
    As I am my grandmother’s only care taker, I was out one night trying to clean our vehicle so she could use it. One of the Judge’s friends, my aunt Rosa, who hates me, because she was charged with battery on me, who is also Mr. Nanez girlfriend’s mother stalked me and called the police to go get me for the Judge and to take away the baby. (I did ask for the Judge to recuse himself because of this relationship with my aunt and that of my ex-husband, and he refused). Me and Rosa’s mother remembered taking her to see Mr. DePauli often. Rosa and Mr. Depauli are both friends with the Menapace’s. When the police came they arrested me and tried desperately to get a hold of Judge DePauli. They finally got a hold of him and he said to take the baby to CYFD and he will call Mr. Nanez to come and get her. (The conversations being recorded on police radio transmissions, I heard them all from the back of the police cruiser.) While in jail he placed me in a solitary cell with NOTHING, it was full of blood and I was not allowed to shower for 3 days. And although I new and worked with the staff they were told not to have anything with me.
    I was not allowed bail and to this day he has never arraigned me on that charge. I called the National Clearing House for the Defense of Battered Women and they let the Judge know I can not be held over 72 hours without an arraignment, (this is common practice here for district court and so far they have gotten away with it), he then set bail. When I posted bail I asked a reporter from out local newspaper to attend court with me. When I got to court the Judge did not expect me to have made bail or to bring all my witnesses, evidence or the press so he decided he would not hear court or let me present my evidence, witnesses or allow me the right to record. He violated my right to a speedy trial and right to record. He proceeded to tell me that Fridays were the days he reserves for people in orange (inmates). He said, I would have had you brought to court in orange last Friday, but I was out of town.
    (The truth was he was compelled to set bail and had no intention of an arraignment.) He also tried to ask me, what day I was arrested, as if he didn’t know, but he knew, because I overheard when the police called him in the middle of the night, when they arrested me (police radio transmissions) and he gave them instructions about the baby. He went on to say that he was thinking about whether or not to keep me in jail until today, to teach me a lesson for the integrity of the system……….He said he had been mulling over the case all weekend during his vacation and didn’t want to embarrass me and he had decided to be lenient………….still never arraigning me for this arrest. (I don’t know of a case of contempt of court, where a Judge can’t stop thinking about it during his vacation, or wants to be personally contacted.)
    He was shocked to see that my best friend for years, the brother of Lynn Menapace, the Judges friend, with whom the Judge frequents her house, had posted bail. So now he did not want to look bad in front of my friend, my witnesses and the reporter. Before court he had his secretary come out and count the people and ask what they were here for. I had prepared a statement for the court and brought my witnesses. Then the Judge interrupted me and said I am not going to allow you to offer any evidence at this time, denying me the right to record, still giving no arraignment, and violating my right to speedy trial.
    His excuse was that Mr. Nanez needed to be here, I didn’t understand why for a contempt hearing this had nothing to do with him. I believed the Judge wanted to hide behind his unlawful orders and lies using Mr. Nanez as a cover and possibly (hopefully) out of some empathy, let the baby come back, because Mr. Nanez would already be here as ordered by him. Well, Mr. Nanez proved me right and ran with the baby like I said he would. The Judge thought he was such a good and innocent person and as he said in court “not the pervert you make him out to be” that he wasn’t there to back up the Judge after the Judge helped him.
    (I didn’t not make Mr. Nanez out to be a pervert, I did not have too, he was investigated by Child Protective Services and THEY conducted their investigation and came to that conclusion and sent everyone the results that state Mr. Nanez and his wife and girlfriend had sexually abused and exploited my children, and the most damaging of all he testified to his sexual problems himself on record.) The Judge never once for the safety and wellbeing of the baby requested the CYFD records, which only he could do, or take a small amount of time to make sure the baby’s needs, care, or transition would be in her best interest. He reset the hearing for 30 June 2008 and said the bail still stands.
    On June 30th 2008 the Judge had the court stenographer come out and tell me that this hearing would not be recorded. (But the news reporter did record it on tape) I asked her if this was unusual and she replied that the Judge had hired her to do this special. I asked her why and she said this is the way it was suppose to be, but equipment had been broken so they had just been recording it. It did not make sense to me either.
    The first 20 minutes, just like the last time I was before Judge DePauli, was spent by him trying to explain himself and justify his actions for violating of his Oath of Office, the Constitution of the United States and my civil rights, he was going to allow me my right to record this time but not after he presented a fake discovery in which he caused defamation of character and slander upon me. He started by saying that because I was married to Richard Malone at the time of Nova’s birth that I had lied and Mr. Nanez would have never known he had a baby.
    However in the affidavit presented time and time again, each time I filed my papers and requested protection orders (that were never granted) I stated that when I went to the hospital for the rape I was given medicine so I would not become pregnant, and me and my husband had been trying to have a baby for 12 years so I believed she was his, but in the military rape investigation I told them it was possible and informed them of everything that happened and was told that Mr. Nanez’s commander, told Mr. Nanez my allegations and that I was pregnant, where he promptly confessed and he was discharged from the army.
    Which brings up another lie by Mr. DePauli he also added to the first lie saying he was never informed that this was a rape. Mr. DePauli was given my case because his claim, is that he is the Domestic Violence Commissioner and my case involved domestic violence and rape. From the first papers filed in this case until the last, all include the affidavit of domestic violence and rape. So I say he CLAIMS, to be a Domestic Violence Commissioner because a Domestic Violence Commissioner is trained in that area and does not victimize the victim all over again or victimize and traumatize (breastfeeding) babies, they are trained to know who and what an abuser is. This description does not fit Mr. DePauli. He defends the abuser in light of clear evidence and obvious perjury, defends showing children pornography, makes light of investigations conducted by Protective Services on sexual abuse of children and says their conclusions of abuse are frivolous or unfounded.
    (So why do we even have protective services if this Judge says they are bogus), he victimizes the victim, does not take the very little time and effort to make sure babies and children will not be abused and that they are safe and comfortable, not rip them away from mothers who are breastfeeding and potty training. No, Mr. DePauli does not fit the Description of a Domestic Violence Commissioner or even a Judge, what kind of Judge does these things.
    Next Mr. DePauli states for the record that I am a convicted felon out of Arizona and I find that funny because the only one who has said that before Mr. DePauli is Rosa Byerly Armstrong, the woman Mr. DePauli denies knowing. Because anyone else would have, if they were doing a real court discovery, looked up the case and notice that it was dismissed because my identity was stolen by Rosa’s daughter Tanya Abeyta and then Rosa tried to call and report this as a crime I committed for revenge on me (she was charged with battery on me). I also find it funny and most criminal that I have been in law enforcement for more than half my life, I have a current military Secret Security Clearance for which I submitted to a through background check and lie detector test among a batter of other things to obtain, that I am currently a Military Police Officer and Mr. DePauli slanders my name by calling me a convicted felon to try and discredit me without checking his facts, which obviously came from Rosa Byerly-Armstrong, who he claims, was only his barber years ago.
    Until I pulled out my records that show Mr. DePauli was Rosa’s attorney. And also had my Grandmother, Rosa’s mother, there as a witness among others. Mr. DePauli became very interested in my book of over 500 pages of evidence and wanted it, until I told him it was all scanned and on disk with several copies in different locations. Then suddenly his excuse for this was that he didn’t mention his relationship with Rosa because he didn’t think it was important and was a long time ago. He LIED. And is still lying. He did these things to cover up the fact that the appeals court pointed out his error by giving joint custody and visitation. This error on Mr. DePaul’s part, that he was trying so desperately to cover was clear in the first statement he made by saying that I had already agreed on joint custody and he was only there to decide on timesharing.
    NO, I filed for sole custody and supervised visitation at the least, or none at all. The appeals court advised me to reapply for sole custody and state my reason because of Mr. DePaul’s error. Every single statement I have made, I have evidence for in the form of documentation, court records or witnesses. He also said he did not have to recuse himself, because I sought out his jurisdiction, this was because of Judge Robert Aragon’s failure to issue a protection order even after knowing of the rape, stalking, harassing etc….. and by failing to protect us, Mr. Nanez was aloud to steal my daughter without even a DNA test or his name on the birth certificate. So what choice did I have? Time after time during this hearing he would tell me to talk and that he was giving me my right to record and then tell me woe woe or wait a minute and not let me finish.
    My baby had been gone more than a month now and I asked Mr. DePauli over and over to order her back and to recuse himself because his impartiality was now more than ever, clear to everyone, way beyond a reasonable doubt. He would do neither. Nor did he issue a contempt of court or bench warrant for Mr. Nanez for not showing up for court or paying the money Mr. DePauli himself issued. These actions show clear prejudice against women and against me. I asked to present my witnesses, for the record Mr. DePauli asks what each one will testify too. Most of them were there to testify to the fact, that on the day Mr. DePauli charged me with contempt of court the first time (and wanted me to pay him and the abuser) May 9th, I was where I was suppose to be and Mr. Nanez was here stalking me.
    And that on the second contempt charge which he put me in jail for, and conducted his private manhunt for me on, May 19, (which was false arrest because I was never charged or arraigned), I was desperately trying to protect my baby from an abuser. He said no to calling my witnesses. My grandmother has only lived to spend each day with Nova and Mr. DePauli is slowly killing her. My son prayed for another little sister after my first daughter died at the age of two. Mr. DePauli is slowly killing him not only by helping an abuser kidnap his baby sister but an abuser who was also HIS abuser. He now hates the very justice system that I taught him would protect him. My precious baby girl that I prayed for, for many years after I buried her sister, kidnapped by the Judge and given to the man who abused me, her, my son, his wife, his girlfriend and numerous other people.
    What kind of Judge or Man like that even exists? I was upset when after asking and asking the judge to give me my baby back, he told me to go file real papers for that, like a real attorney would. He had the power and opportunity to order her back, he is purposely holding her hostage. He got tired of my asking and pleading and told them to arrest me. While arresting me I asked him what he was arresting me for and he said contempt of court (for the third time this month) I said, is that criminal or civil and he said, civil, (now stepping outside of his jurisdiction and immunity) I said, you and I have no contract and you are violating my civil rights. He said, SO SUE ME. I was placed in the court holding cell in handcuffs and was told they were awaiting transport to the jail and orders from the Judge.
    After 30 minutes and after my family and friends were told I would be put in jail, I was walked back through the courtroom, down the hall, back through the metal detector, and to the waiting sheriff. He unlocked my handcuffs and took off my belly chain, he handed my orders and told me I was free to go…………As I read the orders they said for the May 9th charge (the one where the Judge called me a liar, said that I did not take the baby as ordered, and where he ordered me to pay Mr. Nanez, and threatened me with having to pay the court, and the Judge) it stated that I will not be held in contempt of court because of the courts inability to completely hear the matter, the one I had already been given a sentence of 10 days for and a fine to pay Mr. Nanez.
    Now the May 19 contempt of court, the one where he sent a manhunt for me, issued a bench warrant, then arrested me and kept me in jail, then kept my bail, and NEVER arraigned me or charged me, now becomes false arrest and kidnapping by Mr. DePauli of me and my children, this one, was his best personal vendetta against me and he completely skipped this issue, charge, lies, false arrest, and kidnapping to cover himself on the record. The third one where he arrested me in court for asking him to give me my baby back, was so I could forget about the second one, where he issued a bench warrant, sent a manhunt for me, arrested me, kept me in jail with no arraignment and kidnapped me and my children, but also the third one of course, says release her at noon and the court will not issue any more contempt violations, because the court believes more sanctions of the Petitioner for contempt will not result in the Petitioner being further inclined to obey court orders.
    Did anybody notice that I am the PETITIONER? I asked for the courts protection for me and my children and look what this JUDGE did, what this so called DOMESTIC VIOLANCE COMMISSIONER did, to the petitioner and her children. On 8 Jul 08 the Judge still held my bond on his false arrest and kidnapping, I had to ask that it be released. And that is only a summary. I have not yet started with the list of evidence and events numbered and in chronological order. Please see attachments for statement of truth and letter of findings for CYFD investigation.


    Dear Ms. Malone:
    Since we were last in communication in May, I sent to you several domestic violence and attorney referrals for agencies in the Gallup area. At that time, I also kept the offices of the Governor and Congressman Tom Udall informed of CYFD's attempts to offer assistance. I applaud your efforts to identify and change laws pertaining to child custody and legal placement decisions for children in New Mexico. I am also sorry that your difficulties persist.
    At this time, there is nothing more CYFD can do to help. The issues you mention are in the courts, and not under the control of CYFD’s interpretation and enforcement of the Children’s Code. Therefore, I recommend that you contact and work with the State legislators in your area to see if one or more of them might be able to assist you.
    I have attached their contact information for your convenience. Thank you.

    On Mon, Jul 14, 2008 at 10:51 AM, Perry, Marc, CYFD wrote:

    I have tried all you requested. I can not find any help. CYFD and you stated they could only help if my baby was in state custody. When the Judge came after me, he put her in state custody and I informed your department of this and you guys once again failed to protect her. You have a case of documented abuse already on this man but do nothing. You leaned on the excuse that she was not in state custody and did nothing. What good is your agency? It is apparently no good to the Judge either as he states your report and findings are irrelevant. Yes these issues do pertain to CYFD as you failed to protect this little baby girl many times. And my state legislators among other people will be informed your agency is a fraud by you claming you can't protect children and the Judge stating your reports mean nothing. So it is one of two things. Either you guys lied when you wrote a letter and created a file stating my children were abused by this man, or you lied about every other case when you made reports like this and then took children away from people to protect them when you really don't have the power you claim you do to protect them. I would like to know the answer to this and so would every other person who's children were not protected or taken by frivols reports from a false agency. Why do we have and pay for this false agency or an agency that creates false reports? With all due respect. Crystal Lynn

    1. The Government Entities, Children's Services, Children's Courts, Family Courts have Trafficking Children for a long time. You keep trying to tell them how good you are and they keep trying to show you their power and your helplessness. Look into the Common Law Grand Juries and learn how to make them accountable and make you whole.

  3. Anonymous12:58 AM

    My family has been torn apart by an overzelous CYFD and Hospital ER policy , stated from CYFD investigator we are guilty we lied and the end result was to take away all of our kids (4) and place them in foster care with no proof of child negelect or abuse , when asked for a copy of policy and procedure for N.M CYFD we were denied and refered to the internet cyfd site even though we were in the main CYFD builinding, to this day they have shown no proof for taking our kids and refuse to do any further testing on our baby boy to see what caused his injurys , which occurred after a 2 month well baby check and vaccination , the doctors who stated the abuse and injury report has never even seen our baby boy and C.A.C.U told my family that our baby boy was dead , our baby boy along with our other 3 childern are now in foster care and they are all perfect with nothing wrong NOW, even the foster mom stated that the baby seems like nothing even happen to him , CYFD saw 2 hispanic young unmarried people with tattos and assumed the worst we were parared through the hospital by APD as if they had no idea where they were humuliated and degraeded us , we were denied a lawyer and forced into statements , no one told us anything about our baby till 7pm 11/17/2008 , at which point we were in shock after seeing our baby die and the brought back thanks to a wonderful god and nieghbor they accuss my family of abuse and took our life ( our kids ). They say it's shaking baby but there is no proof , the only proof is i had a hard labor witch crushed my babys face and skull to the point that the nurses almost grabbed him out of my arms thinking he was dead because his face was so bruised , more proof he had seen his pediatrician and we did inform her of the hard birth , seizures we had noticed since 3 days old and eyes rolling back and gazing off to right , we were told tis was normal . After lots of research and we have concluded that vaccines , family disorders , medications given to me by my doctor, family history , and GA1 would of mimicked shaking baby but no one wants to hear that from two hispanics with no record of abuse or neglect all they see is a guilty spic ...... HELP STOP THIS LEGAL KIDNAPPING our child is still in danger due to the fact that the doctors will do no further test and is tunnel visioned only to a case of SBS , why wouldn't a medical doctor do differential testing ???? THERES MONEY IN OUR PAIN AND ITS ALL THERE GAIN .

  4. Karla Pope7:28 PM

    In the Superior Court of Riverside, California, judges are randomly taking children away from innocent,, unsuspecting litigants without, a legal basis. Decisions are based upon whether or, not the judge 'likes' a litigant. The judges in this court consistently utilize the same mediators/psychologist/minor's counsel for, the similar outcomes. In ... See Morethe present case, mother has been a stay-at-home primary caregiver w/o crim/drug background. Commissioner Bambi J. Moyer, held ex-parte proceedings without, notice to the mother, and switched custody w/o any legal basis. Ironically, she used the same psychologist/mediator/minor's counsel. As such, the CA Atty General prosecuted the psychologist and determined gross negligence was involved. Minor's counsel was removed for inter alia "unethical" behavior. Mediator, was recused and relocated. Commissioner, was completely removed from practicing family law. Consequently, judges thereafter have sought revenge against mother, and refuse to reinstate custody. Egregiously, allowing father to remove the children from the State of California without, permission (prior to judgment). Father, was recently convicted on felony theft charges. "Stealing to buy food and supplies for my children." As such, he is on probation. Moreover, father was evicted for the fourth time and homeless for three weeks with out minor children. He remains unemployed. As a felony convict, he cannot care for our children. Still, the courts staunchly refuse to modify orders re custody. The case now rest with Presiding Judge Thomas H. Cahraman. This after all F.L. judges were founded to have participated in unethical misconduct (conspiring/cover up). Cahraman, has violated mother's right to "effective counsel" and "due process." He has gone so far, as to improperly label mother a Vexatious Litigant in a F.L. case which, is absurd. This is a tactic of intimidation to shut the mother up. It's not working. Cahraman, has ruled in favor of father 99% of decisions thus, demonstrating bias and embroilment. A violation of his own oath and bond. Moreover, a violation of his judicial canon of ethics 1-4 et seq. On 5-27-10 a hearing is set re spousal support. Petitioner mother has filed companion matter re child custody/visitation. Cahraman, has ruled on the submitted matter and egregiously made orders prior to the hearing which, again deprive both parties the right to be heard. Which is the right of every American. Cahraman, has sabotaged this case which, is a complete Miscarriage of Justice.
    My cell: 951-750-3014

  5. Anonymous3:06 PM

    I am also a victim of these ridiculous court rulings. I can't get help anywhere either. I am just going to keep speaking out. If you need me to add my signature to a petition or join you in a protest, let me know.

  6. My boyfriend has been dealing with the Michigan friend of the court for 8 years and still is getting messed around. He wants to make a stand and get people together and expose these court systems like carol Rhodes has done. We need to do something to protect our kids. Contact me at: Thank you.....

  7. Anonymous3:50 AM This is something awesome I found
    and so is this........

    Crystal Lynn

  8. Hi my name is nadira actually i am trying to get a lawsuit on dhs because i have 3 children in the system unfortanently i live in philadelphia they are really terrible they have been treating me like i"m not a person so i might win my lawsuit do you have any good suggestions i really need some answers


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