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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Arizona wants to take your baby away!

State trend: CPS removing more children from homes

In the state of Arizona, the number of children being removed from homes by Child Protective Services is increasing several times faster than the number of new cases.

Move out now. It looks like Arizona is the state to watch.

CPS is removing more kids; gov.: Statistics irrelevant

Gov. Janet Napolitano said "the statistics are irrelevant"
Gov. Janet Napolitano said "err on the side of protecting children."
Gov. Janet Napolitano is a babystealer's best friend.

Advocate: Open CPS to scrutiny

State urged to make court records public and cut use of foster care

A national advocate for child- welfare reform is pushing for more openness in Child Protective Services cases in Arizona as part of a package of reform recommendations aimed at reducing the system's reliance on foster care.

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