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Monday, August 06, 2007

Every time a caseworker messes up, some new rule is created.

Every time a caseworker messes up, some new rule is created.

Children who need protection are often denied protection.

Children who don't need protection are often taken into the system anyway.

This child was denied protection.

Caseworkers will now be more likely to utilize one of their favorite tactical excuses, "Better to be safe then sorry," meaning that they will remove several more children from their homes, who otherwise wouldn't have been, due to the possibility that something could happen, to prevent another public out-cry against them. This is done for appearances. Makes them look like they're doing something.

It's a vicious cycle. Many of these stories are swept under the rug, they rarely make the news papers. If they did, there would be a nation wide public out-cry against it. This is why confidentiality laws are so important. These laws enable a corrupt system to cover their tracks.

All I'm saying here is that Child Protective Services or whatever it's called in your state or country, needs to be subjected to the same checks and balances that other government institutions and agencies are subjected to. This will ensure fairness in the system, will prevent abuse of power, and you would know where all of this money is going.

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