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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

You Go Mom!

I also refuse to hide and be terrorized by my own government. In fact, as a tax payer, they are using my OWN dollars to persecute me!

They picked the wrong mommy to mess with. Thanks to their court ordered psych evals, I now know that I have an IQ which puts me in the genius range, I know that my values and priorities are as they should be and I know that despite what they would have me believe, I am not crazy.

I am, however, devious, vindictive and according to some people a "ball busting bi**c from he**. I won't shut up, I have nothing more to loose. They took my family and I will fight to the death if that's what it takes to bring my family home and to stop the Gestapo tactics used to terrorize innocent parents and to destroy innocent children's lives.

I believe that families are meant to be nurtured, protected and Loved, not played with like some lunatic's Lego set, put together then smashed apart on a whim. I believe in the Constitution of the United States and my rights as an American citizen.

At first I was scared, now I'm just angry. Angry to the depths of my being. It's not a good way to feel, but it serves the purpose of keeping me going every day, of not giving up and of keeping my eyes on the goal of bringing my family home and NEVER having another family go through this.

I have declared my own personal war on a system gone mad and allowed to continue destroying every innocent family it comes into contact with while allowing truly abusive parents to torture and kill their children.

It has to stop. We can make it stop if we come together and work together as a team. We need to set some solid goals (media coverage, legislative involvement, rallies and protests nationwide) then work together to make them happen.

If you all could share your knowledge and teach those of us who are relatively new; If we all start to act together, we could accomplish great changes.

Isn't that what we want? To be treated fairly? To have the right to a fair and just investigation? To have our Constitutional rights respected? To not have our children stolen away in the middle of the night or taken from school with no warning and
no cause? To not be lied to, threatened, manipulated and treated like monsters? Let's take to the streets, let's organize. That's the one power we have that they are afraid of. One or two voices crying out comes out as a whisper. Hundreds or
thousands of voices create a roar which cannot be ignored.

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