Legally Kidnapped

Shattering Your Child Welfare Delusions Since 2007

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

*If you have kids or are in public school, I urge you to read this all the way through. Every bit of it is the Truth.*

Where do you start if you wanting total control of the minds, bodies and souls of a country? You start with the children.

How do you perform this systematic brainwashing of the children? You first have to start by getting full control of the schools. You have to be able to force the use of your materials, your methods and your value system. Teachers must be indoctrinated in college and enrolled into a strong socialist organization to keep them straight.

The teachers are convinced that top educators and the centralized government know what's best for your children. To handle teachers not indoctrinated, you need to punish those who would rebel, first by controlling their funding and then by passing laws which force them to use your "system".

Next, you make sure that the parents are happy with what you are doing.

HOW? What do you tell the parents? You announce a revolutionary new approach to teaching. You tell the parents that you are going to make dramatic improvements. You use positive, flowery words to put the proper "spin" on what you are doing.

You then tell the parents that this approach will help the children be more tolerant and understanding of others. The chidren will be taught social skills such as conflict resolution, self esteem, etc..

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