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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Mom Complains

I have had numerous visits from CPS, but THANK GOD,
have had no second visits! They have come out for annonimus reports from mad
neighbors, mentally incompitent do-gooders, and flat out crazy people. Yet,
this same system will not remove children that ARE being abused and
neglected. It seems that they are so worried about hear say and not worried
about facts.....that goes either way.

I was a mandated reporter, yet CPS would not remove 11 children from
delapidated conditions and an infestation of lice to boot and serious drug
problems on the part of 4 adults.

This is the same agency that is all over me for having breakfast dishes in
my sink at 10 AM?

If nothing else, it showed that I'd fed my children bacon, eggs, and toast
for breakfast!

This other situation......there were no dishes in the sink because they
didn't own any and there was rarely food in the house dispite there being a
combined $1000+ of food stamps coming into the house every month.
It seems that the parents that should be held accountable aren't....and the
parents that did nothing wrong are hung. on the grounds of gossip or mean

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