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Thursday, October 25, 2018

East Texas children caught in foster care crisis

East Texas foster children are caught in the middle of a growing crisis. Right now, the number of children going into foster care is on the rise. Unfortunately, there are not enough homes and families to take care of them.

"There are children who have had to sleep in a CPS office," Justin Hayes, Executive Director for the East Texas Orphan Care Network says. "I heard about a 15-year-old who spent five days in a CPS office because there was no home for that child to go to. We heard about a newborn just a couple of months ago that needed a placement in Smith County and there were no homes available. That child had to go all the way to San Antonio. We hear that a lot."

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  1. I believe in good foster homes. I believe that CPS may be trying their best. There are other organizations I sure don't trust though and I won't say which ones. I love my children much more than I love my own self. I try to care about all other children the same but for parents your children are the most important. That's because you're responsible for them. Please don't anyone go behind the backs of loving fammilies or guardians.


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