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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Trump's Pick To Run Medicaid will lead to more kids being taken away from their parents.

So President Trump has tapped the former head of Maine's Department of Health and Human Services, Mary Mayhew to head the federal Medicaid program. 

The Family Rights community should be very concerned with this choice for the reason that Ms. Mayhew has a history of defunding programs that once helped  Maine to be a National Model regarding keeping kids safe in the home.   Most of these programs were paid for by Medicaid.  The consequences of this is that Maine, under her leadership, went from a National Model Child Welfare System due to being leaders in the home, to one of the biggest messes in the USA.

Now DHHS in Maine is taking more kids away and there is less chance of them ever going home.

I could write a whole analysis of this, but I've already been doing that for years so I'll just post a few links.

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