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Monday, September 04, 2017

LK Report for 9/4/17 - CPS Wants Your Kids

Here are today's headlines.  
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The Home Stretch campaign wants young people to have the option to stay in foster homes until they turn 21 and the State Government is backing extended support.

For Sarah Short, 22, leaving foster care was made easy because of the help of her caseworker and foster carers.


International acquisition funds invest in Norwegian child welfare as it turns to be a more profitable sector than oil industry.


KELSEYVILLE, Calif. – A Kelseyville man who worked for many years as a teacher and more recently was a substitute teacher has been arrested in a child molestation case involving a foster child.


Our Kids, the organization responsible for the care and safety of foster children in Miami-Dade and Monroe counties, has a new leader in place with an impressive resume.


Oregon's child welfare agency has agreed to pay $7 million to settle a lawsuit filed on behalf of two children who were nearly starved to death by foster parents the state approved for them.

More >> Oregon pays $7 million after preschoolers starved by foster parents

A baby has died from head injuries while in foster care.

Skyla Giller was allegedly dropped by her foster mother and taken to hospital in an unresponsive state. The ten-month-old had emergency brain surgery before doctors decided there was no hope.

More >> Torment of mum whose baby died after being 'dropped by a foster carer': 'Absolutely devastated' birth mother says couple and social services both failed her daughter

THE MAJORITY OF children sent to prison in Ireland in the 1960s were not offenders, instead they were imprisoned for issues relating to neglect and poverty – often common threads in their stories.

More >> Neglect and abuse of Irish children in institutions led them to set cells on fire and swallow nails

For years, the state Department of Children and Families under Commissioner Joette Katz has worked to change the way it does business, removing fewer children from their homes and placing those it must take with relatives or other people they know.

More >> Some lawyers say child welfare system violates parents’ rights
Barbara Granger
Barbara Granger
A woman filed two false abuse reports with the Department of Children and Families as a means to "harass" another woman and have her removed from a mutual acquaintance's home, according to Tallahassee Police.

More >> TPD: Woman made false abuse claims to 'harass' woman

Note: What a bitch, eh?

Divorce can be brutal on children, and when it comes to custody arrangements, the common thought has been to disrupt the children’s life as little as possible by keeping them in one home. But now, a new study has examined the stresses faced by children with separated parents and how they were affected by shared physical custody. The results found that children whose parents split physical custody were less stressed than children who lived primarily with one parent.

More >> After divorce, shared custody found to be less stressful for kids

The estate of a 15-year-old Albany girl who died from severe gastrointestinal problems while under child-welfare workers' watch filed a $9.5 million lawsuit Thursday against the state of Oregon.

More >> $9.5 million lawsuit claims death of foster child, 15, was stress-related

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