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Wednesday, September 06, 2017

LK Report For 9/6/17 - Killing Canadian Foster Kids

Here are today's headlines.  
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The Missouri Supreme Court will hear arguments Thursday on whether the state can determine that a mother is unfit because a court has previously terminated her right to parent other children.


At least Hillary didn't win.

Larimer County is asking the Colorado Department of Human Services to reconsider how it pays counties for child welfare efforts.


The government today took control of a local council's child protection services after a damning report found youngsters at risk of "significant harm".

Ofsted inspectors found "widespread and serious failures" in children's services at Croydon, south London.

Ofsted blamed poor practice, weak management and a high staff turnover for a series of failings.


There is nothing so heinous as a government failing to support its most vulnerable citizens: young children. Yet due to government neglect and chronic underfunding of critical social services, the number of deaths and critical injuries of children in foster care in Canada has steadily risen in recent years.


The heartbroken biological father of a toddler murdered by her mother who stamped on her chest until her heart ripped blames social services for not saving his 'beautiful' daughter.


MADISON (WKOW) -- A Madison woman who admitted slamming a foster child's head against a bathroom floor nearly a half dozen times before the 3-year old boy became unresponsive was sentenced to twelve months in jail Tuesday as part of an eight year probation sentence.

More >> Woman sentenced in foster child case

The moment Greg regained custody of his 16-year-old daughter last summer, he immediately asked a social worker: "Where is she?"

That's when he learned she was missing — again — from the Nova Scotia group home where she'd been living. No one had seen her for weeks.

More >> The staggering number of children reported missing from Nova Scotia group homes

SANTA FE – A Valencia County foster parent who says she was beaten by her ward has sued the state claiming she was not given enough information before she agreed to take in the 17-year-old.

More >> Foster parent sues state over beating by ward

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