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Friday, May 27, 2016

Your Suggestions for How To Fix CPS: Part 3

Here is the third installment of this ever growing mini-series featuring your suggestions on ways to fix CPS.  In case you missed Parts 1 & 2...  

All the same rules apply.  No last names, examine what was said 

Sherry suggested...
People should be more involved, no more anonymous call,people should be willing to testify if they see a child being abuse and have documentation of a child being abuse and cps need to see how children really get along with the parents, observe more of a child and parents relationship together instead of keeping them away, that way they can tell if the child is really scare of the parents or caregivers 
If a child is really scare of their caregiver, they are not going to be so affection to that person, there are so many being taken away based on lies ,cps need fact ,people who reports it need to go to court too,if a person care about a child they will be willing to go to court to make sure that child is safe,this will give cps workers more time to focus on children really being abuse and not the ones that someone call and lie about cause they are mad at that person 
Moving on, Stephanie suggests...
Unless in provable extreme emergencies. The form given to the judge to remove child or children should be filled out properly.  It should have the pros and cons of the parents written. All orders to remove or OTC should include the good and bad of the parents. Imminent danger should only be used in those true cases. Parents arrested. True undeniable abuse. All caseworkers held accountable to the law. If not filled out correctly with pros and cons case thrown out. No assumptions to be made. If dcf in home both cw and parent will have a camera present for all interactions exchanged or voice for phone. Dcf not allowed to use perception. House is hoarded. Better have the video. She started to cry and rant. Crazy. Better have video. CW feared for her life. Better hear a threat with the capability or action on record. Cases shall be treated individual. Each family is different. All cw shall be evaluated in beginning and each year such as police. If they actually do witness horrific abuse to be pulled from position and evaluated. This is where danger is everywhere syndrome. 
 If judges are aware of the pros and cons of parent it will be easier to see the true capabilities of the parents and not remove and end case. Having proof by cw and parent clears up the he said she said. No more feelings. Feelings should not be punishable. Seems these sw are scared so much they cannot do their job correctly. Psych evals and agility keep the cw from making poor decisions and keeps their mental health correct to be able to be efficient and not be able to abuse their power if chosen to have such power. 
Dot (UnhappyGrammy) suggests...
There is No fixing CPS. Go back to the way it used to be and let the local Police Depts. handle cases of abuse. They aren't rewarded for the children they remove. They only remove truly abused children, whereas CPS is rewarded with Federal incentive money for every child they take and subsequently adopt out. Unlike CPS, the Police place the abused children with relatives, as mandated by Federal Law. 
Other than letting the Police handle REAL child abuse situations, the only other way to fix CPS is to only reward CPS with Federal incentive money for every family kept together. The backward system is the reason children are taken. There is no incentive to help at risk families, not when CPS is paid to take each and every child.
No more need for Foster care and much fewer traumatized children and torn apart families.
Less falsely accused families railroaded and torn apart.
And finally, Jennifer suggests...
End harmful funding streams. Demand accountability-citizen review panel. Create universal access to the program. Create a new Policy/practice. Social Workers should report on facts they observe in Social settings. Then professional investigators investigate reports. The facts from both are submitted to a panel of experts on DV, child abuse, and prosecution.  
CPS should NOT be able to "substantiate" people. Criminal matters are handled therein...
DA office should NOT represent CPS. Police must be held responsible for their actions. The CPS/PD/DA association is awful. Also, attorneys are "controlled opposition" There should be oversight of outcomes. The effective agencies (based on client review) will be incentivized. There will be no removal, only support. In ANY case, there should NEVER be a TPR. Citizens MUST take action to expose the issue from a solution based perspective. We need a place all can access the assistance they need. We MUST pressure Congress to STOP FAMILY DIVISION. We need to make a series of thirty second videos and put them together for exposure. I think CPS is only the beginning of the issue. Failure by PD/DA is a huge cause of problems. DHHS support and enforcement is arguably the most harmful program in the 21st century. The funding cannot be dispensed by DA...for DV and Sexual assault. CPS needs to be stopped from making false allegations of abuse. They are creating the problem they are legally mandated to stop. I think we should inform ALL State employees of the harm and truth of the State, by flyering cars in parking lots. Reach out to law schools and let them know also. 

I would hope some of my ideas would help, but overall, the Agency is a horrid group with destructive, Constitutionally offensive legislative language, and incentivized to destroy families.  
Everything the State says is a lie. Everything it has, is stolen. Neitzche

To recap:

  • Sherry is suggesting that we do away with anonymous callers and require anybody who is reporting child abuse to testify.  
  • Sherry is also suggesting that CPS should spend more time observing the child with the real family instead of keeping them apart.  That way CPS will know that the kids feel safe with the family.
  • Stephanie is suggesting that CPS be required to fill out the forms properly, and include both the strengths and weaknesses of the parents, not only the negative.  If the paperwork isn't filled out properly then the case should be thrown out of court.
  • She is also suggesting that there be video taken to prove things such as the house being trashed, or the parent being crazy and ranting and raving.
  • She also suggests that CPS Agents should have regular psychological evaluations, because the real abuse that they do see traumatizes them so that they see it everywhere.  A condition known as "there's danger everywhere syndrome."
  • Dot is suggesting that the police do child abuse investigations rather than CPS.
  • She suggests that when the kids are removed that they should be placed with family members.
  • She also suggests that we remove the financial incentives for taking kids into foster care, and provide incentives for keeping families together instead.  
  • Jennifer is suggesting many things. including we end the funding streams that incentivise the destruction of families. 
  • That there be more oversight via a citizen review panel, and create universal access to the program.
  • The police should handle child abuse investigations, 
Stay tuned for Part 4, and if you have any suggestions for how to fix this mess, click on the link below.

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