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Friday, May 27, 2016

Your Suggestions for How To Fix CPS: Part 2

Last night I started posting a few of the suggestions that were given when I asked the question:  What should we do to fix CPS?   I'm happy to say that today a few more suggestions were given on the form.  So this will continue into another day or two, or for as long as people keep coming up with ideas.

Here is the link for the first part "Your Suggestions for How To Fix CPS: Part 1" in case you missed it.  

Tonight I'm going to take a look at 3 suggestions from 3 different people.  And we are going to diversify a little bit.  Because they are three serious and totally different answers.

So we will begin with Marilyn who suggests that in order to fix CPS we need:
Independent Oversight of existing state and federal child protective laws.
Because it...
Will hold the agencies accountable to the intent of all laws
A short and to the point answer that will solve a lot of problems, for sure.

John suggested...
If there is more than say two complaints and a documented abuse in the home of the alleged abuser then a mandatory psychological evaluation should occur. After another incident or report or at the urging of a family counselor or some sort of mental health or social workers urging a mandatory family counseling on a consistent basis especially when the parent is receiving assistance from the government should be set in place.
The cycle of abuse will not only be identified but also the repetitive occurrence of sexual, physical, and mental abuse in some cases may be identified or at bare minimum easier to identify if the children and parents may have any possibility of speaking out or speaking up even in a one on one session type setting. Society doesn't always like to see the obvious but possibly some of these trends could be down or hopefully addressed in more realistic terms!
The above answer comes from a totally different perspective. As is the next answer.

J.B. suggests...
A small step would be to have programs for the teens 16-18 that teach them how the world really works. How to pay bills. Write a resume  Balance household budgets. Things they really need to know. During these years they need programs to teach them a skill set to survive on. These kids will leave the system with no where to go. Many have no one to help them get on their feet. 
I think taking steps to help show these kids that they can make it. They already see how the world sucks. They've been in the broken system. If we can lower the young adults that go from the system to the street, drug use, prostitution, ect......It saves the system money in the long run. Think in terms of decades. Stop thinking in terms of a few years from elected official to elected official.
So lets clarify.

  • Marilyn suggests that the system should have some independent oversight which would force CPS to comply with state and federal laws.  
  • J.B. is suggesting that we teach basic life skills to kids who are in foster care so that they can make it without ending up on the streets or in jail or worse.
  • and John is suggesting that we take a closer look at at the parents mental health and if there are problems identify them and put them in therapy. He wants CPS to protect the children better I guess.  
I'm especially impressed with J.B.'s suggestion because so far, out of all the answers I've gotten this is the only person to suggest they do better by the kids.  Kids who age out of foster care are usually put out on their own long before their ready and with horrific consequences..   

John is definitely from the opposite side of the fence.  His perspective is not that of a CPS victim but valid never the less.  

I'll be back to tomorrow with a few more suggestions.  And if you want to add your thoughts and ideas, click on the link below.

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