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Sunday, May 08, 2016

Children legally kidnapped from families in Norway

Norwegian human rights attorney Marius Reikaras recently wrote a letter to Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu in which he tried to draw attention to the "horror" that many families, including Turkish citizens, face in Norway.

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  1. Anonymous2:23 PM

    The Norwegian CPS system do not even act lagally in many cases, and they are known to have disrespected even dicisions in court.

    The child protective system has a huge network of people that are likely to report your child for any deviation they observe from a strict normality standard, regardless if this deviation is something good bad, or neutral. Every teacher, kindergarten employee, doctor, dentist, psychologist, sport coach, priest, police officer, therapist of any kind or other person professionally engaged with your child is a member of this network.

    The huge amount of money in the system have created a massive corrupt block of proffit seekers, and those likely to report your child is also those likely to proffit from your child being taken away.

    If the cps system gets interested in your child, it is dangerous to make the people angry, but if you are too humble, they will peerceive you as weak, and get more courage to take away your child. It is also important not to let this system think you are alone without any support from relatives or friends.

    In addition to take away children abruptly, they also use a salami technique. They will typically suggest that your child is taken to some institution for tests of various kind, or let some support family take care of your child some days a week. Be vary careful upon such suggestions. This is often the first step to take away your child totally. Do not let this sytem or their helpers have your child by themselves without you and someone you trust as support being with the child.

    A lawyer may also help at such situations.

    And do not trust fully any lawyer either.


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