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Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Closure of the College of Social Work

The Closure of the College of Social Work

It has been announced that the College of Social Work (TCSW) will close. TCSW has been in operation for less than four years. TCSW was established following the recommendations of the Social Work Task Force. The Task Force was part of the government response to the high profile death of Peter Connelly -- "Baby P" in 2008. The College is being closed for financial reasons. Community Care magazine reports that TCSW faced an annual deficit of £240,000. A government decision was taken to stop providing financial support. TCSW has always struggled to attract sufficient income. This was partly due to the failure to attract enough members. The final blow for TCSW was the failure to win a contract -- potentially worth £2 million -- to deliver the new accreditation and assessment scheme for the advanced child and family practitioner award. This is one of the initiatives to raise the standards of practice in work with children and families. The contract has been awarded to a joint bid from the management consultants KPMG and Morning Lane Associates. Morning Lane Associates is a company that was set up by the Chief Social Worker for Children and Families, Isabelle Trowler.

Note: See?  Nobody wants to steal babies.

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