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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

SystemSuckology and the Unanimous Passage of Child Welfare Legislation - A Legally Kidnapped Exclusive Report

I did not want to get into a big long thing today, as I simply have too much to do but I have noticed a trend that I feel warrants your attention.

To me, this suggests that nobody in family rights is being heard.   No CPS victims are making an impact and that our Governments at both the federal and state levels can vote on bills without having a clue as to what they're doing or the consequences of such legislation, but do so because it makes for a good photo opportunity later on down the road.

More simply put, if a bill that comes before a legislative committee or a state house or senate is attached to the line, "will help keep kids safe" or has anything to do with the system that is supposed to protect children from abuse or neglect, it is destined for universal passage regardless of the cost or consequence to the child, parent, foster care provider or even the CPS Agent.

For example:
Which of course would be great if not for the total nonsense associated with it...
"I strongly value parental rights," said Hargrove, R-Covington. "But when it is clear that a child’s birth parents have no interest in reunification, we need to more quickly enable that child to find a permanent, loving home with their foster or other adoptive parents. With a typical stay in foster care lasting 33 months, this is a small, but important step in the right direction for the stability and well-being of these children."
This omits so many possible factors including the major piece of the puzzle that every case is different and it sometimes takes a little longer than a year for a parent to get their shit together but that's still actually what's best for the kid.  It leaves out possible factors and important points such as a CPS Agents refusal to recognize the progress that a parent has made or the fact that there is nothing stable about the foster care system in any State especially one like Washington which has had many foster care sex abuse lawsuits over the years.  
It also leaves out possibilities such as a capable and loving grandparent who is fighting for custody.  It lumps all cases together as if there were only one worthy solution.  Then it passes UNANIMOUSLY in the Washington House of Representatives because some idiot said it would help foster kids.

Now I'm all for helping foster kids in regards to what's best for them, which is to be with their families.  I'm all for helping families to keep their kids safe in the home.  I'm all for grandparents or other family members taking the kids when the parents can't take care of their kids, but the Rep. Hargrove bill isn't going to help anybody.  It's simply going to cut the chord and clog up the system with older kids who they can't get adopted out and can't send home later on down the line after they took the drastic step to terminate the parents rights.

Here's another bill that came up recently in the State of Washington.
Which will not do much for social worker recruitment or job retention in an industry with turnover rates that rivals a fast food joint.  It will harm more kids by making it harder to go home.  Some believe that it will keep kids safe though.  And with so many newly grad's on the job, a chronic lack of experience among new child welfare workers and such added complexity, you gotta stop to wonder how they come up with this stuff, but if you read the last line in the article which claims...
The measure passed the senate unanimously.
Then again you see that word come up.  "UNANIMOUSLY"  And the senator can later on call on his record of helping to protect the states most vulnerable kids as a photo opportunity when he is up for re-election without having to have a clue as to what they're voting for.

Okay, granted this is only one state but check this article from Vermont out...
or this article from Florida...
You see that word pop up again.  And check this out...
When have you ever known the two parties of Congress to come together over anything?  Yet when it involves Child Welfare Legislation the house can pass a bill Unanimously?  Congress can say, "We can all come together!" Not one legislature would call shenanigans?  Not one would question the cost?  Not one would stand up and say that half of these kids never should have ended up in foster care to begin with?  Nobody can say, the root cause of the problem is that they're taking too many kids and therefore forced to lower the standards in order to house them all when they should be helping the families who need and could benefit from counseling, drug treatment, housing assistance, daycare or whatever the problem is?

What is going on here?  How do we address this problem?  Why is nobody offering better solutions?  Why are we not being heard?  Is anybody even contacting their legislators?

No!  You're all sitting there pissing and whining on Facebook and half of you are making the rest of us look like kooks!

I'm sorry but it's true.

Peace, Love and Flowers.


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