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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

DHHS in need of families to take in foster kids - And Foster Parents Warn Against It!

So yesterday the news feeds in the state that inspired the creation of Legally Kidnapped started getting flooded with articles regarding Maine's desperate shortage of foster homes.   This only four short years after bragging about being a National Model Child Welfare System because they were viewed as leaders at keeping kids safe in the home or preserving families through kinship care placements when the kid does need to be removed.

Now I gotta say I told you so because I've been paying close attention to this state and watching this transformation take place over the last few years.  Governor Paul LePage, who claims to have been abused as a child, comes along and and spins it and flips it around it because being on the right track just isn't good enough.  I have managed to identify a few of significant events in this transformation and listed them here...

and for a more in depth look including the links to lots of articles...

And now Maine is crying for help.  They need 100 new families willing to take in foster kids.   Not so much the cute little babies, but rather the older, problematic, special needs kids who are often in trouble with the law and who nobody wants.

But what's even more interesting is that even the foster parents are coming out and warning people against getting involved.  I will post screen shots because I'm sure this will all be shut down soon.   You know how CPS likes to protect their secrets.

DHHS in need of families to take in foster kids

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