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Monday, December 29, 2014

Owen's Law

Owen's Law

In the Boldest Move in U.S. History to bring awareness to Child Welfare Fraud...

Arin Marcus

Owen's Law For A Safer Oregon Director Arin Marcus uploaded this tag to the Facebook Profiles of numerous State Agencies...

including every State Of Oregon Department of Human Services pages, Hillsboro Child Welfare, Oregon State Police, Casa Organizations, Washington and Multmomah County Juvenile Departments, Courthouses and Jails...


along with the attorneys and psychologists who are related to his case.

Owen's Law For A  Safer Oregon is a citizen's initiative that will Reaffirm a Parent's Constitutional Right To A Jury and Due Process in all Child Welfare Proceedings.

State Representative Wayne Krieger has asked Mr. Marcu to draft a Owen's Law as a house bill after receiving a copy of Owen's Law Executive Summary...

after Arin Marcus served it upon U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley, Vice President Joe Biden...

and Oregon Attorney General Rosenblum who still refuses to investigate the provable allegations that Deputy Attorney General Marcia Lance-Bumb, Caseworkers And Guardian Ad Litem acted in conspiracy to commit bribery, fraud, perjury and extortion against witnesses in the case of AOM v. DHS- the longest case in Oregon History with NO ALLEGATIONS of neglect, abuse or endangerment against Mr. Marcus.

The Oregon Supreme Court refuses to review the case, effectively covering it up.  A scathiing Petition For Reconsideration was filed with the Oregon Supreme Court outlining the serious criminal activity within Washington County's Court System.

Owen's Law sent out a nationwide Press Release to all of the major news outlets on December 21st.
 Not surprisingly,  Baby LK is the first to report."

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